About Us

Why GoBike!?

Welcome to the GoBike! website. The campaign exists to promote cycling by campaigning for good cycle infrastructure in the Strathclyde area of Scotland, and is active mainly within Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire.

Our GoBike constitution gives a formal outline of what we are and what we do.

In 2016 the committee met to discuss our objectives and the following 7 objectives were agreed at our AGM in November 2016:

  • We will campaign for a cycling network designed and constructed to current best practices.
  • We will work with partners at a pan-Scotland level for improved cycling design standards.
  • We will engage with decision makers to prioritise investment to create an environment conducive to active travel.
  • We will promote evidence-based decision making in support of active travel.
  • We will be a trusted, credible organisation, growing our membership and encourage members to be engaged in our campaigns.
  • We will promote a positive image of cycling and actively counter negative perceptions.
  • We will work with other groups with aligned objectives.

Not enough is being done to counteract the environmental threat of global warming, together with that from pollution from the all-pervasive motor vehicle and the increasing threats to health caused by pollution and inactivity,  we urge you to join GoBike, and help us take personal responsibility for effecting a modal shift away from the motor car, and towards cycling, walking and public transport.


Go Bike holds meetings throughout the year to discuss cycling issues. See meetings for details. Anyone interested in improving cycling in the Glasgow area is welcome to attend.

Learn about our easy-paced cycle rides held each month, and what our campaign has achieved so far, by reading the on-line version of our newsletters. There are also links to other cycling organisations.


Have you renewed your Go Bike Membership for this year? See Subscription Notice. Funds from subscriptions go towards paying for things like room hire for meetings, website hosting, newsletter printing, and stationery.