GoBike is affiliated to the following groups:

We also support:Get Glasgow Moving! Building a citywide Public Transport campaign

GoBike is not affiliated to any political party and members support a range of political views. However, we do encourage members to get involved and ask their prospective and elected representatives about their plans for cycling and active travel.

GoBike is pro-choice and does not support the mandatory wearing of helmets.

No cycling on the pavement!Bike Polite

GoBike also supports the Bike Polite campaign. The aim is to encourage cyclists to obey the rules of the road, so we can hold the moral high ground when we call on motorists to do the same!

The Bike Polite campaign encourages cyclists to:

  • Slow down when passing pedestrians on shared use paths, and warn of your approach
  • Not cycle on pavements of roads, unless this has been specially permitted
  • Stop at traffic signals when on red
  • Use lights when cycling in the dark and dull conditions

See Bike Polite for further details.


GoBike has a constitution. This was reviewed and the update was approved at our AGM in November 2015: GoBike constitution as at AGM 2015.