Forthcoming Consultations

Shown below are the upcoming consultations of which we are aware.  We will be responding to those that it’s appropriate for a group such as GoBike to respond to and encouraging all our members and supporters to respond, as individuals both to these and all the others where an individual response is more appropriate.

Closing in January 2018:

Due back 19 January, Bredisholm Road, Traffic Calming.  Bredisholm Road and Church Street are in Ward 20, Baillieston and here’s the content of Glasgow City Council’s e-mail, sent to us on 19 December 2017:


The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Calming Scheme and I wish to establish the views of your organisation.

Background to the proposed Scheme

The scheme is aimed at improving road safety by reducing vehicle speeds.

Roads affected by the proposed Scheme

The list of roads affected by these proposals are:-


Details of the proposed Scheme

The proposed Scheme (as depicted on the attached plan) Bredisholm Road Traffic Calming will comprise of:-

  • 5 sets of 1.9m x 1.9m, 75mm high speed cushions
  • 1 set of 1.7m x 1.9m, 75mm high speed cushions

Please provide any comments you wish to make on these proposals within 28 days (reply by 19/01/17).”

Here’s the response we have sent in, 18 January; it’s not an objection, but we are disappointed that yet more speed cushions are to be installed because we are not yet going for a citywide default 20mph speed limit: GoBike Bredisholm Road comments letter 180118

Due back 26 January, Glasgow City Council Port Dundas Controlled Parking Zone amendment, Port Dundas is in Ward 10, Anderston & City and all the documents are here:  Advert[1] HP1[1] Plan_of_TRO[1] Report[1] Statement_of_Reasons[1]  If you live or work in the Port Dundas area or know it well please do let us have your views so that we may respond.


We have been told by Transform Scotland about these 4 consultations – and yes, they include 2 with “Edinburgh” in the title, but if you live, work or spend time in Edinburgh your views are sought for the diesel surcharge one and if you commute to Edinburgh please respond to the other.  These are all for individual response – so please get typing!

City of Edinburgh Council — Parking Permit Diesel Surcharge consultation
Deadline: 28 January
As part of the Council’s Parking Action Plan a review of parking permits in Edinburgh is taking place, with the aim to improve air quality and enhance quality of life. This consultation seeks views from people living, working or visiting Edinburgh on the proposal to apply a surcharge on parking permits issued to owners of diesel vehicles. Find out more and respond here.
Scottish Government — “Action and ambitions on diet, activity and healthy weight” consultation
Deadline: 31 January
The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on their actions and ambitions on diet, activity and healthy weight. This consultation mainly focuses on actions to improve people’s diet and health, but there are some questions relating to physical activity and how to get people more active. You can read more and respond here.
City of Edinburgh Council — Edinburgh Commuter Challenge
15 January – 26 February
The aim of the Challenge is to get people thinking about how they travel and to encourage people to commute by walking, cycling and public transport (there’s prizes to be won!). To sign up and find out more, please see the Commuter Challenge registration page.
Sustrans Scotland — Workplace Journey Challenge
1 March – 31 March
Sustrans Scotland want to get as many people as possible travelling to and for work by walking, cycling, public transport and lift-sharing. Anyone who works for an organisation in Scotland can take part in the Workplace Journey Challenge, and Sustrans will be giving out loads of prizes along the way. Register, find out more and share with colleagues here.