Netherlands Study Tour 2016

With the support of Spokes, GoBike is pleased to invite you to join this study tour of cycling infrastructure, in the Dutch cities of Assen and Groningen, on the 13th to 15th of September.


What is this tour about?

Since 2006, hundreds of transport planners, politicians, councillors, campaigners and other interested people have come on tours led by David Hembrow to see how Assen and Groningen have such high levels of cycling, higher than even the Dutch average.

This is very much a foot on pedals tour. Your experience of cycling around Assen and Groningen, with the knowledge of David Hembrow, allows for a deeper understanding of how cycling can work well for all members of society; something that can be easily missed in a presentation, videos, pictures or street view.

People who have been on the tour have found it very inspiring and informative. You can see a compilation of feedback on Hembrow’s website. Here is a video summary of the tour:

Who is this tour aimed at?

The tour is aimed at anyone who is interested in how their town can be a more liveable place for everyone in society. So it is not just for transport planners, councillors and cycle campaigners; anyone with an interest is very welcome to join.

Itinerary Summary:

  • Tuesday: Starting 9am, visit Assen city centre, then school runs.
  • Wednesday: visit old and new residential areas, industrial estate and outlying village.
  • Thursday: Cycle to Groningen, rail station, city centre, evening meal, cycle or train to Assen.
  • A more detailed itinerary is on Hembrow’s website here.


We are charging £295 per person for the study tour The group cost of the study tour is a fixed amounthence there is decreasing costs for more participants, up to a maximum of 14 people. Any savings made due to the group size will be refunded.

Not included in the cost is:

  • Accommodation: Expect €25-€45 per night.
  • Travel.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner; often the accommodation will often include breakfast.
  • Bike hire from Assen train station; €50 deposit and €7.50 per day.
  • Travel insurance

Once you have paid a deposit we can recommend accommodation for you to book.


For ease, we are taking payments via PayPal. You can secure a place by making a £50 deposit now, via the Donate button below. Contact us if you want to pay the full amount in one go.

This is a non-profit event, any savings made will be reimbursed back to each participant at the end of the tour.


Don’t hesitate if you have any questions: iainlongstaff(AT)

Travel (approximate costs):

  • Travel recommended on 12th and 16th of September.
  • Non Flying: Night train (£160 return) or bus (£60 return) to London, St-Pancras to Assen ( from £100 return)
  • Non Flying: Train to Newcastle (from £35 return), Ferry (£250 return, cabin for one or two people) Newcastle to Amsterdam, train to Assen every half-hour (£19 single).
  • Non Flying: Train to London and Harwich, Ferry (from €132) Harwich to Hook of Holland, Train to Assen (€26.30 single).
  • Flying: Edinburgh (£100 return) or Glasgow (£100 return) to Amsterdam, train to Assen every half-hour (£19 single).
  • Useful website about trains to Europe and travel emissions,  Edinburgh to Amsterdam estimate.

Other Information:

How Dutch cities compare

How the Dutch got their cycle paths: