Study Tour 2016 Payments Page

Thanks again for joining the study tour.

The full payment is now due, the total calculated cost per person for the tour is £295.  For those who have already paid the £50 deposit, the amount due is £245 per person. You can input the correct amount on the donation page.

For transparency, the below table shows the calculation for the cost. There are extra conversion fees due to PayPal and to protect GoBike in the case of unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations. The price shown will pay for 7 people on a tour; if we have more or less than 7 people, it will be cheaper per person and you will get a refund for any money left over.

Exchange Rate € → £ 0.87 currency chart
Group cost Euros € 2,200.00
Exchange Rate 0.9€→£ scenario buffer £66.00
Group cost £1,980.00
PayPal Currency Conversion Fee (0.5%) 0.005 paypal charges
Conversion fee total £9.90
Net group cost £1,989.90
Number of Participants 7
Price Each £284.27
PayPal Charge 3.4% £9.67
Total Each £293.94
Deposit £50.00
PayPal Charge 3.4% £1.70
Net deposit £48.30
Balance Due £245.64
Rounded total. £245