Reporting Faults

Defect Reporting

Out on the roads and paths you may find faults and defects. Rather than put up with them, get them fixed for your own and other cyclists’ benefit. See the sites below:


Fill That Hole – road defects (courtesy of CTC)

Park That Bike – report defective cycle parking and sites lacking cycle parking

Fix My Transport – report issues with cycle parking at stations, lack of wheeling ramps on footbridge steps, or anything else to do with public transport

Fix My Street – all types of defects

Glasgow City Council

Land and Environmental Services. Roads including management, maintenance and design of:

  • Roads, Bridges and Structures
  • Footpaths and Cycleways
  • Lighting
  • Traffic Management
  • Parking & Parking Enforcement
  • Road Safety

RALF – Report a Road or Lighting Fault in Glasgow, or phone 0800 37 36 35

Report an abandoned car – phone 0141 556 0371

Clean Glasgow – Report fly tipping, graffiti, dog mess, etc, or phone 0800 027 7027

North Lanarkshire Council

Northline – Road defects, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, etc, or phone 0800 731 0054

South Lanarkshire Council

Road defects online fault reporting form, or phone 0800 24 20 24

East and South Ayrshire Councils

Online fault reporting forms –
Road defects,
or phone 0845 724 0000 (for East Ayrshire faults) or 0300 123 0900 (for South Ayrshire faults).

East Dunbartonshire Council, Falkirk Council, West Lothian Council, Stirling Council

Clarence – road defects – phone 0800 23 23 23

If you own your own road and have potholes to repair, here are some companies to try:

(For the avoidance of doubt, Go Bike does not officially endorse any of the above companies, we just want the potholes repaired! Feedback welcome to