An overview

GoBike exists to promote cycling by campaigning for good cycle infrastructure in the Strathclyde area of Scotland, and is active mainly within Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire.

We are a group of people who cycle in and around Glasgow and the Strathclyde region.  We have no employees and our funding comes entirely from our members by annual donation.

There is a committee of a maximum of 12 members, which meets bi-monthly.

GoBike holds meetings throughout the year to progress cycling issues. See meetings for details. Anyone interested in improving cycling in the Glasgow area is welcome to attend.

Learn about our easy-paced cycle rides held each month.  Why not come along?

Not enough is being done to counteract the environmental threat of global warming, together with that from pollution from the all-pervasive motor vehicle and the increasing threats to health caused by pollution and inactivity,  we urge you to join GoBike, and help us take personal responsibility for effecting a modal shift away from the motor car, and towards cycling, walking and public transport.

Join GoBike

We are an active group campaigning for good cycle facilities – the only such group in the Strathclyde area – and while we need you to share our Facebook and Twitter messages, we do need you to become a member.  The minimum membership donation that we ask for annually is only £5, so do please join and help pay for our meetings and publicity.