Constitution and Objectives

GoBike’s Constitution was last updated and approved by members at the 2017 AGM, see: Go Bike Constitution as at AGM 2017  This gives a formal outline of what we are and what we do.

In 2016 the committee met to discuss our objectives and the following 7 objectives were agreed at our AGM in November 2016:

  • We will campaign for a cycling network designed and constructed to current best practices.
  • We will work with partners at a pan-Scotland level for improved cycling design standards.
  • We will engage with decision makers to prioritise investment to create an environment conducive to active travel.
  • We will promote evidence-based decision making in support of active travel.
  • We will be a trusted, credible organisation, growing our membership and encourage members to be engaged in our campaigns.
  • We will promote a positive image of cycling and actively counter negative perceptions.
  • We will work with other groups with aligned objectives.