Campaigns & Consultations

GoBike is an active campaigning group and we respond proactively to consultations to promote the consideration of cycling in all infrastructure developments.

We are members of the Cross Party Group on Buses, Walking and Cycling at Holyrood, co-chaired by MSPs including Alison Johnstone from the Green Party.

We participate in the National Cycling Interests Group, which brings together cycling interest groups from all over Scotland to campaign for improved cycling.  A networking event was held on 04 October 2014 to progress a joint manifesto for the 2016 Holyrood elections.

We support Road Share and the Road Justice Working Group, which campaign to justice for cyclists through civil law and criminal law respectively.

GoBike initiated the Glasgow Cycling Forum with the City Council. It meets regularly, 4 times per year, bringing together people from different parts of the council (many of whom had not met before) who have influence over cycling policy and provision with people from cycling organisations. We are influencing cycling policy and one of our notable, albeit controversial, achievements has been the inclusion of Advanced Stop Lines when white line repainting is carried out at signalled junctions.

Councillor Frank McAveety, previously Glasgow’s “Cycling Tsar”, speaking at a recent meeting of the Cross Party Group on Cycling at the Scottish Parliament, recommended that all Local Authorities should set up such a forum.

Since the GoBike AGM at the Admiral Bar on Waterloo Street (27 November 2013), Glasgow City Council has installed cycle parking at the corner of Waterloo Street and Blythswood Street and there is a Nextbike hire station nearby

Current Campaigns

Glasgow, Union Street to Pollokshaws Road

We have pressed Glasgow City Council to provide good cycle infrastructure on this important north-south route, but without success so far.  However, they have just installed a very visible segregated lane over the river at Bridge Street:

Bridge Street

While this is no doubt intended as a route from north to south, it is being used in the opposite direction! (Provide a good facility and, if it’s in the right place it will be used).  We have asked questions of the city council and the e-mail correspondence is here: Bridge St Aug 16  An aerial view, referred to in the initial GoBike e-mail showing the bridge before the changes is here: Oxford Street Bridge St

We are concerned at the lack of good infrastructure from the river up into the city centre, particularly to Central Station, and from the river south along Pollokshaws Road, a route that is heavily used by people cycling.  We will continue to press Glasgow City Council on this.

New Glasgow Hospital, Clyde Cycle Tunnels and Fastlink:

We have responded to consultation on Fastlink – to little avail, attended rideouts to look at the need for cycle access to the new hospital and held meetings with Council Officers on 10 August 2015 and with one of the local Councillors, Bailie Fariha Thomas on 17 September 2015.  We are grateful to her for not only writing to Land & Environmental Services further to the meeting but also for sharing the very disappointing reply with us.  The full text of the e-mail chain is given here:Tunnel SGUH councillor emails

20mph in Glasgow petition: GoBike are currently campaigning for a default 20mph speed limit for most of the streets in Glasgow, our flyer gives reasons why you should sign:

20mph heart GB link

Our first press release was issued on 03 March 2015 to highlight the benefits of reducing the speed limit for most of the city of Glasgow to 20mph.

GoBike 20mph Press Release

We met the Petitions Committee of Glasgow City Council on Tuesday 12 May and gave this presentation, see Bob Downie’s blog:  The Committee welcomed the petition and consideration of 20mph implementation now proceeds to the Sustainability and Environment Development Committee, see Herald article:

Here’s the letter we got from the council confirming their decision on 12 May and the press release we issued to confirm.  Decision letter final GoBike 20mph Press Release Update 20May15 final

Queen Street redevelopment Glasgow: GoBike have met with Network Rail and submitted our views for the second stage of the consultation.

If you wish to join in to ensure that Glasgow City Council, and others, keep cycling and active travel at the forefront of their planning then please get in touch either via our Facebook group or by e-mail to