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GoBike campaigns for better infrastructure, policy, and political support for cycling. Using a bike should be a safe, efficient, clean and healthy mode of active travel; open to everyone. We support high quality designs to make public spaces accessible. Everyone should be able to choose active travel – whether walking, wheeling or cycling.

We are a social movement and we focus largely on campaigning and consultations. If you are a member who would like to get more involved in either of these please drop us an email and we will add you to our Slack group.


GoBike are a voluntary, member-led organisation. Funding comes entirely from our members by annual donation. Please join us to help make our voice louder.

We are run by a committee, including a convenor, treasurer, secretary, consultations lead, and fluctuating campaign roles. We hold committee meetings every two months and annual AGMs.

Our Constitution was last updated and approved by members at the 2017 AGM. It gives a formal outline of what we are and what we do:

GoBike Objectives

  • We will campaign for a cycling network designed and constructed to current best practices.
  • We will work with partners at a pan-Scotland level for improved cycling design standards.
  • We will engage with decision makers to prioritise investment to create an environment conducive to active travel.
  • We will promote evidence-based decision making in support of active travel.
  • We will be a trusted, credible organisation, growing our membership and encourage members to be engaged in our campaigns.
  • We will promote a positive image of cycling and actively counter negative perceptions.
  • We will work with other groups with aligned objectives.

GoBike Infrastructure Strategy

Our strategic position will be reactive according to the details of the designs we are provided with. We will fit within the following general framework:

  • We will advocate for infrastructure that is direct, connected, convenient, and safe for use by an unaccompanied 8 year old.
  • Where infrastructure or planned infrastructure falls short of this standard, we will raise it with the authority concerned. We aim to agree a proposal that we are able to publicly support.
  • Whilst we will always push for the best possible quality infrastructure, occasionally, compromise now can lead to better results later. However, the compromise must not negatively impact on the current cycling environment.
  • We will aim wherever possible to be involved in infrastructure planning at an early enough stage to positively influence the outcomes.
  • We will support and encourage members local to projects requiring attention to become actively involved in the consultation processes. We will help set-up and engage with hyper-local campaigns in support of quality infrastructure.

“Campaign for the moon

Settle for a flashlight

Reject a poke in the eye with a stick”

GoBike Engagement Strategy

  • We will work hard to build and engage positively in good communication and working relationships with councillors, designers, consultants and cycling officers. Also, with the police and procurator fiscal, while also endeavouring to hold them to account when necessary.
  • We will encourage our members to engage with councillors, designers, consultants and cycling officers where appropriate. We will provide guidance on how to do that, and on the type of approach most likely to succeed.
  • We will respect confidentiality and discretion where it is requested, and recognise that good working relationships depend on trust.
  • We will make it clear when we do not agree with suggestions or ideas from external partners or other members. However, we will aim to do that constructively and respectfully. We will also respect that our members are volunteers from a wide ranging skillset, who are giving their time to do what they can for our campaigning. Good relationships require honesty and compromise will sometimes be required.
  • We will share the outcome of engagement with our members where possible.

GoBike Affiliations

While GoBike is not affiliated to any political party, we encourage members to engage with their elected representatives (and candidates). Especially about their plans for cycling and active travel.

GoBike does not support the mandatory wearing of helmets.


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  1. Hello, I work with STV News and tonight we are doing a piece on the cyclist Emma Newman who sadly died last week. I was wondering if anyone form the campaign would be available for a quick interview can be done via Zoom on the infrastructure and safety in Glasgow. Let me know if anyone would be free this afternoon. Many thanks, Adam

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