20 mph for Glasgow

20 mph in Glasgow

In 2015 GoBike campaigned with a petition for a default 20mph speed limit for most of the streets in Glasgow. The flyer explained it’s benefits: Our first press release was issued on 03 March 2015 to highlight the benefits of reducing the speed limit for most of the city of Glasgow to 20mph.

We met the Petitions Committee of Glasgow City Council in May 2015 and to present our reasoning and the petition.  The Committee welcomed the petition and consideration of 20mph implementation now proceeds to the Sustainability and Environment Development Committee, (see the article in The Herald).

Here’s the letter we got from the council confirming their decision and the press release we issued to confirm.

We continue to push for a city wide 20mph limit, with enforcement in the current 20 mph areas and support Mark Ruskell’s 20 mph bill for pushing for a default speed limit in built up areas.

Why doesn’t Glasgow City Council go for a city-wide 20mph default speed limit – yet another isolated zone is proposed.