‘Cycling in Scotland: review of cycling casualties’ (2020) Glasgow Centre for Population Health / Cycling Scotland

Five recommendations to help improve safety for people cycling include that “there should be substantial and sustained investment in quality cycling infrastructure, protected from motor vehicles, and retrofitting the existing road system to reduce danger where required”.

Scottish Transport Statistics No. 38‘ (2019) Transport Scotland

Scottish Transport Statistics No. 36‘ (2017) Transport Scotland

Segregated Cycle Infrastructure evidence pack‘ City Planning / Transport for London

The Segregated Cycle Infrastructure evidence pack compiles monitoring and evidence about the impacts and benefits of our cycling programme, with a focus on new segregated infrastructure.

It shows that impact of the segregated cycle infrastructure that Transport for London has delivered has been largely positive. It shows significant increases in the number of people now cycling on these routes, and 5% more people move across Blackfriars Bridge by all modes of transport than before the segregated lanes were installed.

Cycling‘ (2012) SPICe Briefing

Walking and Cycling‘ (2014) SPICe Briefing

Cycling and Pedestrians‘ Cycling UK Briefing

Cycling in the Netherlands‘ (2009) Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat

‘Cycling in Denmark’ Cycling Embassy of Denmark

‘Danish cycling know how’ Cycling Embassy of Denmark

‘Cycling statistics’ (2018) CyclingUK

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

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