‘Essential Evidence 4 Scotland No 5 – Ambient air pollution and cardiac damage’ (2019) Transport Research Institute

There is growing evidence of the damaging effects of ambient pollution even in the setting of relatively low exposure levels and this suggests that air pollution should be recognized as a major modifiable risk factor that needs to be targeted via public health measures.

Air Quality: concentrations, exposure and attitudes in Waltham Forest‘ (2018) Kings College London

What would happen if we removed cars from cities?‘ (2018) World Economic Forum

By removing cars from cities, you are not just reducing emissions – there are countless other benefits. Researchers in London studied the health impacts of cutting emissions by two different methods. The first scenario used a technology-led policy, while the second promoted walking and cycling instead of driving. Both scenarios resulted in similar levels of improved air quality. But the method which encouraged people to walk and cycle generated up to 30 times more benefits, due to health improvements from increased physical activity.”

Climate Change‘ (2017) Cycling UK Briefing

Air Quality in Scotland‘ SPICe Briefing

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