GoBike exists to campaign for better cycling facilities in Glasgow and the Strathclyde area.  We will praise infrastructure changes which introduce good practice but we will object to proposals that do not adequately design for cycle traffic, do not meet current standards and which increase the potential risk to cyclists and other vulnerable road users. We encourage all our members and supporters to let councils know if they are getting things right.

We gather consultations into two summaries, or digests: 

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  • National Digest (Scotland/UK) on an occasional basis.

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20mph – Help us campaign for the new Urban Default Speed Limit Bill

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Consultation Digest Issue 16, 21 August 2018: Activity in Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland and the UK

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GoBike Consultations Digest, Issue 1, 23 January 2018 – Scotland wide!

For 2018, our first consultation was yet more speed cushions in the east of Glasgow, Bredisholm Road:

Consultations: new and forthcoming in Glasgow, with even more speed cushions proposed for Santa’s sack


Probably our last responses of 2017:

Broomhill and Millbrae Road, Langside

Here’s a picture of the brand new Broomhill School and the City Council propose to make the road going up to the right on the picture one-way.  But have they considered active travel and all the work other bits of the council do to encourage children to cycle to school?  We fear they haven’t.  So our letter to the council, GoBike Consultations Broomhill One Way 21 Dec 2017 about this plan, broomhill one way tro plan TRO201701501 confirms that we are happy with their proposal, provided that they maintain two-way cycling!  Let’s hope that we are lucky with this one.

The closing date for comments on this proposal for Broomhill is 12 January so you have time to get your views in, if you wish.

We have also responded to proposals to install speed cushions on Millbrae Road in Langside. 

Here’s Glasgow City Council’s plan of these speed cushions: Millbrae Road plan and you can see that the cushions are proposed for the full width of the road, but, they will be building the footway out at each speed cushion.  Now while this helps pedestrians to cross the road, what does it do for those of us on bikes?  The buildouts push us out into the road, ie into the motor traffic and then the speed cushion just adds that extra bit of gradient onto what is already quite a steep hill going north.  The council says that the “scheme is aimed at improving road safety by reducing vehicle speeds and discouraging rat-running.”  It certainly doesn’t look as if it will improve road safety for people cycling.  Our response is here: GoBike Consultations Millbrae Road Speed Cushions 21 Dec 2017 and the closing date for comments is next Friday, 29 December, so, if you have time between opening presents and eating mince pies, do please get your comments in to the council on this.

Swinton Avenue: speed cushions will push bikes into the gutter, published 13 December 2017

Glasgow City Council propose, in a recent e-mail headed “Swinton Avenue Traffic Calming Scheme”: “to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Calming Scheme and I wish to establish the views of your organisation.

Background to the proposed Scheme

The scheme is aimed at improving road safety by reducing vehicle speeds and discouraging rat-running.

Roads affected by the proposed Scheme

The list of roads affected by these proposals are:-

Swinton Avenue

Details of the proposed Scheme

The proposed Scheme (as depicted on the attached plan) will comprise of:-

  • 4 sets of 1.9m x 1.9m 75mm high speed cushions.”

Their drawing: Swinton Avenue Traffic Calming Propsal shows only 0.5m at the outer side of each set of speed cushion, ie one would have to cycle right in the gutter, over the cushion or in the 0.7m gap between the 2 cushions.

There appears to have been no consideration of active travel and we have proposed options of one-way chicanes with cycle bypasses or for the road to be stopped up allowing only cycle through traffic, and we have copied our letter, GoBike Consultations Swinton Avenue Traffic Calming 13 Dec 2017 to the 3 Councillors for the Ward, ie Ward 20, Baillieston.  We have also mentioned the potential impact of Mark Ruskell’s 20mph bill – if you haven’t written to your constituency and list MSPs to ask them to support this, please do so!

Comments on the Swinton Avenue proposal are required by this Friday, 15 December – sorry for the short notice – but if you wish to put your comments in please do so to:

Candleriggs Glasgow, Traffic Management for hotel development – including a contraflow cycle lane on Candleriggs south

The old Goldberg site on Candleriggs, from Wilson Street down to the Trongate is being redeveloped and road access is being changed to facilitate access to the hotel being built there.  The good news for active travel is that there will be no through motor access from Bell Street to Wilson Street (the junction at the foot of the photo) and there will be a contraflow cycle lane on the south part of Candleriggs, to allow two-way cycling here.

GoBike’s letter of support, but with some related questions, is here: GoBike Candleriggs Traffic Mgt support 111117 and the City Council’s explanation of what is proposed is here: CCTRO Variation20 Candleriggs Report Feb2017 with this plan: P5056_06_02B_Candleriggs TRO

Partick 20mph, follow-up

On an update to the item below, we have received this reply from GCC:

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I refer to your attached letter dated 10 July 2017 regarding the proposed Mandatory 20mph Speed Limit Zone for Partick and would like to thank you for your support and comments.

I can advise that the Council is unable to make the full City boundary a mandatory 20mph speed limit zone at this time.  This would require substantial funds given the sheer volume of work that would require to be undertaken, such as speed surveys, material costs and any physical traffic calming measures which may be required throughout the boundary, particularly on roads with existing speed limits of 40mph and above.   

In order to create a priority list, my Officers are assessing new areas for implementing mandatory 20mph speed limit zones based upon accident statistics and it is anticipated that, due to the new guidance, much larger areas will now be proposed for any future mandatory 20mph speed limit zones. 

With regards to parking issues, I can confirm that the Partick area is being implemented as a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) and any monitoring or enforcing shall be carried out by Parking Attendants, depending on resources.

I can also advise that speeding is an offence that only the Police can enforce, therefore I am unable to comment on their enforcement strategy.

I also note your comments regarding the Cycling Policy and would advise that Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2016 – 2025, states that Glasgow City Council will seek to exempt cyclists from one way streets and the Council will continue to liaise with Police Scotland regarding this issue.

I trust that this is of assistance to you, however should you require any further information, please do not hesitate Varinder Singh on 0141 287 8892.

Jamie Rodden,   Group Manager – Traffic and Road Safety, Land and Environmental Services”

We have now responded with this letter: GoBike Partick 20mph support with concern 100717, follow up 060817 which sets out our position.

Partick 20mph

Glasgow City Council propose to introduce a 20mph mandatory speed limit in Partick, you may see the Traffic Regulation Order details at:  While GoBike is very much in favour of a mandatory 20mph speed limit in the city we have repeated our concern that it is being introduced in a piecemeal and expensive way. We are also very concerned at the associated changes in parking; these are ostensibly to control parking but cars are being allowed to park on both sides of relatively narrow streets and this means that the City Council will not comply with the default position in Cycling by Design, see the information on our Design Guides page to allow contraflow cycling on one-way streets.  In fact there is barely room for large vehicles to get between the parked cars. Our letter of support, with concern, is here: GoBike Partick 20mph support with concern 100717

We have responded positively to Glasgow City Council’s proposals to control parking and loading on Havannah Street and Duke Street not far from High Street: GoBike Havannah Street support 100717

We have responded on-line to the Scottish Green Party for comments on their ambitious proposals for an update to the Party’s current policies on active travel.

We have also responded on line to the options for the Walk, Cycle, Vote campaign – we hope the campaign will maintain a minimum presence until the next national or local elections in Scotland.

A third on-line consultation was for the revised Glasgow City Council options for the proposed Woodside Mini-Holland scheme in the St George’s Cross area of the city.  The proposals were displayed at the Woodside Halls on 23 June and our comments were made further to a visit there.  If enacted the scheme will greatly improve the ability to cycle confidently through the area.

Glasgow City Council propose to install speed cushions outside St Fillans Primary School in Cathcart; this is within an existing 20mph zone.  We do not want to endanger any of the children going to the school, but we have objected on 3 main grounds:

  1. GoBike member, Bob Downie, presented a petition to the City Council 2 years ago, proposing a default city-wide 20mph speed limit (allowing for exceptions for some roads to be 30mph or even more).  This was well received by Councillors at the Petitions Committee, but now the Council has reverted to its original piecemeal approach.
  2. Mark Ruskell, Green MSP currently has a bill out for consultation, see:  and, if successful, this would bring about default speed limits in all our urban centres of 20mph.
  3. Speed Cushions and tables are very expensive to install and maintain.

Our letter of Objection is here: GoBike Crompton Avenue traffic calming Objection 070617 and the text of the proposal by Glasgow City Council is repeated below:


The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Calming Scheme and I wish to establish the views of your organisation.

Background to the proposed Scheme

Glasgow City Council are currently in the process of implementing Mandatory 20mph Speed Limit Zones throughout the City. 

The purpose of the Mandatory 20mph Speed Limit Zone is to ensure that vehicle users reduce their speeds to 20mph or less, and therefore improve road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and all other vehicle users.  By turn, it is anticipated that this will encourage more people to walk and cycle, which would have associated health benefits.  

Furthermore, a report by Department for Transport (DfT), titled, ‘Relationship between Speed and Risk of Fatal Injury: Pedestrians and Car Occupants’, notes the following benefits:

–     If someone is hit by a car at 40 mph they are 30% likely to be killed.

–     If someone is hit by a car at 30 mph they are 7% likely to be killed.

–     If someone is hit by a car at 20 mph they are 1% likely to be killed.

A previous consultation was undertaken in August 2016 which proposed traffic calming within the Cathcart area which comprised of:

  • 2 speed tables on Carmunnock Road;
  • 1 set of speed cushions on Old Castle Road; and
  • 1 set of speed cushions on Crompton Avenue.

The Council intend to proceed with the installation of both speed tables on Carmunnock Road and a set of speed cushions on Old Castle Road however, proposes to amend the original location of the speed cushions on Crompton Avenue as well as install a second set of speed cushions whilst removing the current ‘bolt-down’ speed cushions located outside of St Fillan’s Primary School. 

The new proposals on Crompton Avenue should ensure that vehicle speeds are low whilst passing St Fillan’s Primary School.

Roads affected by the proposed Scheme

The list of roads affected by these proposals are:-

  • Crompton Avenue

Details of the proposed Scheme

The proposed Scheme (as depicted here, Crompton Avenue – Traffic Calming_001 (Publication)) will comprise of:-

  1. The installation of 2 speed cushions at a point 5 metres northeast of the extended northeast kerbline of Elmore Avenue (approximately 2m in width, 3m in length and 75mm in height).
  2. The installation of 2 speed cushions at a point 5 metres southwest of the extended south kerbline of Carmunnock Lane (approximately 2m in width, 3m in length and 75mm in height).

Please provide any comments you wish to make on these proposals within 21 days (reply by 20 June 2017).

In the meantime, should you require any further information or clarification on any points arising from the proposals, do not hesitate to contact my officer John Telfer on 0141 287 3723 .”

In June 2017 we have responded positively to the proposal to stop waiting and loading/unloading on the residential roads in Riverview, just to the south-west of the Tradeston foot (and cycle) bridge, see: GoBike Riverview parking control support 110617

We have responded to on-line consultations on the Scottish Government’s Active Travel Task Force, the Pavement Parking Bill and the current Mark Ruskell’s default 20mph proposals.

In addition we have commented favourably on the public realm proposals for Govan Cross, see: GoBike Govan Cross support and comments 280317 and we support Glasgow City Council with its proposals to control parking in Cranstonill, see:  GoBike Cranstonhill parking support 200517

Glasgow, Sauchiehall Street: Avenue concept: We have now responded to the TRO part of the Consultation with this letter: GoBike Sauchiehall Street partial support 280217 and we have responded to the Planning Application, see: GoBike Sauchiehall Street Planning Application on-line 2000 character response 100317  Our main concerns are the lack of access into the cycle lane at all the junctions and the failure to provide any linkage over the M8 from Woodlands Road and St George’s Road.  The scheme has been devised for Sauchiehall Street only rather than as part of a cycle route strategy for Glasgow.

Garscadden Road, parking restrictions:

We think the restrictions might be to ease access to a nursing home, but we do need to question what some see as their inalienable right to leave their car wherever they wish.  We have replied to confirm that we approve the restrictions: GoBike Garscadden Road parking support 070217

Glasgow Bus Lanes: all to be part-time!

Following a review of bus lanes in 2014, see GoBike’s response here: Go Bike GCC Bus,Cycle.Taxi Lane Review 191114 Glasgow City Council have now issued a Traffic Regulation Order proposing that all bus lanes in the city will operate for only 12 hours per day, from 7am – 7pm.  Glasgow Cycleman, a GoBike member was quick off the mark to voice opposition, see his excellent blog:

We have now submitted this objection to the City Council: GoBike Glasgow Bus Lanes Objection 16Dec16

A81 Bears Way, Phase 1


East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) wrote to us early in August 2016 to ask for our views on Phase 1 of the segregated A81 cycle route in Bearsden.  This has attracted a lot of opposition from motorists but we are in favour of this bold move.  It’s not perfect but it’s far better than what was there before and we wish other local authorities would construct segregated cycle ways on the major arterial routes into Glasgow.  EDC’s letter is here: EDC Bears Way Survey Aug16 and our reply is here: GoBike Bears Way Survey Aug16 letter

Glasgow, Pollokshields East, Parking Restrictions and Forth Street to be made one-way, with no contra-flow cycling

contraflow blue signWe received a prompt reply to our letter of 25 July, stating that contraflow cycling could not be allowed because of HGVs in Forth Street.  Having considered and consulted on this, we have now confirmed our objection with our letter of 04 August: GoBike Pollokshields East support, with partial objection, confirmed

Cardonald Place Road contraflowThe recently completed contraflow scheme in Cardonald Place Road, referred to in our letter of 04 August.

Improvements in Pollokshields continue, many of them initiated by the Community Council, with restrictions on parking at junctions (a no-brainer, one might think) but including the proposal to make Forth Street one-way, ostensibly to allow loading.  However, Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling makes it clear that the city uses Cycling by Design as its in-house design guide and, at Clause 5.1.5 Contra-flow Cycle Lanes is the statement “The default position should always be to permit two-way cycling on one-way streets.  Where there are safety concerns, the introduction of a contra-flow cycle lane may be required, as illustrated in Fig 5.3.  It will be necessary for the one-way street TRO to include an exemption for cyclists.”  There is a link to both these documents on our design guides page:

Our letter, objecting to the failure to maintain two-way cycling on Forth Street is here: GoBike Pollokshields East support, with partial objection

This consultation is open until 08 August; please add your voice by writing in to the addresses shown on the letter.

Transport Scotland, footway on the A9/M9 Gleneagles Station to Auchterader

Although this is outwith our area, we have responded to this proposal to redetermine the footway for cycle use as well as pedestrian.  While we support the aim of the proposal, we are concerned that the footways must be of adequate width and must be well-maintained: GoBike M9 A9 Gleneagles Stn Auchterader support, with concern

Further 20mph zones in Glasgow

Four more 20mph zones on the way in the city: Dumbreck, Priesthill, Riverview and South NItshill.  We have emphasised the need for enforcement of, and compliance with, the 20mph limit in our letter of 18 July, see: GoBike Citywide 5b 4 20mph zones support, with concern

More 20mph zones in Glasgow

We have responded to the City Council’s latest set of proposals for 20mph zones; 4 of them covering Auldhouse,Blairdardie, Broomhouse and Waverly Park,scattered across the city.  Yes, we want 20mph but we want that as the default speed limit in the city, and we want it now, not at some unspecified time in the future, and we have responded in that vein: GoBike Citywide 5a 4 20mph Zones support, with concern.

3 more Consultations from Glasgow City Council


GCC continues with its moves to control parking and to introduce 20mph zones and we have responded to 3 recent consultations – they are still open for comment.  If you wish to see the detail and add your support, or otherwise, see:

The first was for parking restrictions on Robert Street and Robert Drive, and also the junction with Helen Street.  GCC has a piecemeal approach to parking at street junctions; surely there could be a ban for the whole city.  Our response is here: GoBike Robert Street Robert Drive support

We have mentioned the second before, and the local Community Council is very involved in this process, ie 20mph for Pollokshields (part).  We support the 20mph introduction but we ask why this is being done on a piecemeal basis, why isn’t the default speed limit for the whole city reduced to 20mph (with exemptions where appropriate)?  GoBike Pollokshields 20mph support, with concern

The third consultation relates to parking controls within the city centre, with motorcycle bays, more paid parking meters and electric charging points.  We welcome this move as it should improve the urban environment for us all, see: GoBike City Centre parking support 190416.

3 Consultations from Glasgow City Council

At the end of March we responded positively to 3 consultations from Glasgow City Council.  The first concerned restrictions to deter commuter parking on Budhill Avenue and Cramond Terrace, see: GoBike Budhill Street the second was a restriction on parking on Calder Street near Polmadie Road – a request made by the Fire Service to allow them to get their machines through, see: GoBike Polmadie Road

Provan Road to GKCEEC Overview

The third was a consultation about closing the end of Gadie Street, near Provan Road at Alexandra Park to all vehicles except cycles, a first in our experience.  A sensible move by the City Council and we hope to see more formal exceptions for cycles.  We also suggested that the old railway track under Gadie Street at this location be opened up as an off road route, see: GoBike Gadie Street  and above diagram.

Cycling Scotland, Consultation on Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS)

GoBike is a supporter member of Cycling Scotland and, as such, we have been asked to respond to their Stakeholder Consultation 2016 on CAPS 2013, published by Transport Scotland, see:   We are told by Cycling Scotland that “The aim is to identify the actions and areas where the greatest – and least – progress is being made and to recommend future national and local priorities. We will provide an overview of the responses and make recommendations within an evidence-based progress report due to be published in the summer. Transport Scotland has already confirmed its intention to publish a third Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, based on this report. Your contribution is therefore welcome and valuable.”

The GoBike response is here, CAPS Response GoBike Mar 16 and I trust that is a positive and critical response.

GCC Partick, Traffic Management and Parking Controls


Just after we submitted our letter of objection on 09 March, GCC responded to our e-mail of 01 March, to explain why, even though contraflow cycling on one-way streets is one of their policies, as confirmed by the recently issued Glasgow Strategic Plan for Cycling, it can’t yet be implemented!  The full text of the e-mail exchange may be seen here: Partick – email exchange 01 and 09 March 16

GCC propose in their TRO, which closes today, 09 March 2016, to control parking, such as seen in this photo, in the residential streets of Partick.  However, their plans also include making many streets one-way, which could well increase traffic speeds and not exempting cycling.  This is in contradiction to the guidance in Cycling by Design, the design guide that the City Council uses.  we have thus submitted this letter, praising the controls on parking but objecting to the restrictions on cycling: GoBike Partick

Glasgow, Thornliebank, Waiting and Loading Restrictions

This, and the next 2 consultation documents may currently be seen at:    Please respond to the Council if you have views on these proposals.

GCC propose welcome waiting and loading restrictions on Kyleakin Road, but propose to remove existing restrictions opposite a road junction.  Our letter, approving the increases, which are primarily at road junctions, but questioning the relaxation, is here: GoBike Kyleakin Road

Glasgow, Gartloch Road, reduction in speed limit

Gartloch Road

The City Council propose to reduce the speed limit on a section of Gartloch Road from the national speed limit of 60 to 40mph, a move which we welcome: GoBike Gartloch Road

Fastlink, Govan, changes in bus lane, Whitefield Road to Elder Street

GCC have now moved the bus lane in this section of Fastlink from the outer to the nearside lane and also allowed cycles and taxis to use the lane; a very sensible and welcome move.  Hopefully cycles will soon be able to legally use all the Fastlink lanes: GoBike Fastlink Whitefield Road to Elder Street

Glasgow City Centre, Union Street

Glasgow City Council propose changes for Union Street and the adjacent streets, which may be seen here:  Our main points of concern about the proposals are the removal of the westbound contraflow lane under the Hielanman’s Umbrella on Argyle Street and the substitution of a detour via Midland Street, but outstanding is the omission to bring cycling into Union Street and to make Union Street more pedestrian and cycle friendly.  Our letter responding to the Traffic Regulation Order is here: GoBike City Centre Union Street and our alternative proposal, with a two-way segregated cycle lane on the west side of Union Street is here: TRO opportunity

North Knightswood and Temple Area, Glasgow

GCC propose to restrict parking and loading in this area, particularly at the junction of Priory Road and Knightscliffe Avenue.  How parking and loading may even be countenanced at junctions is surprising but the restriction on it is welcome.  The consultation may currently be seen at: and our response is: GoBike North Knightswood and Temple support

During 2015 we have responded to the following local authority consultations:

“Quiet Route”, Queens Park, Langside Road to Muirend

Restrictions on parking and junction changes are proposed on the streets on this route, to encourage cycling.  Unfortunately the proposals do nothing to address the local accident hotspots of the Monument Roundabout the junction near the Victoria Infirmary.  Our letter of approval with comments: Queens Park Langside Road Muirend comment 15Dec15

Glasgow, Dowanhill, 20mph speed limit

This TRO proposes a 20mph speed limit for Dowanhill which we support and want extended to most of the city: GoBike Dowanhill Approval and Comment

Details of this, and the Polmadie Road consultation may be seen at:

Glasgow, Polmadie Road via Shawfield to Biggar Street

A 30mph speed limit is proposed for these roads, some of which currently have no limit! GoBike Polmadie Road to Biggar St Approval

Glasgow City Centre, Mandatory 20mph speed limit

This proposal for which consultation closes 30 November, is very worthy of support, for many reasons, including those given in our letter:  GoBike Glasgow Mandatory 20mph Support

Improved bus access to the QEUH, ie the Southern General

Glasgow City Council propose to reduce on-street parking and make some other moves to facilitate bus access to the new hospital in Govan.  The 2 current proposals are for Berryknowes Road and the area including Manse Brae, both on the south side of the city.  We support both these proposals apart from the closing off of Manse Brae at its junction with Carmunnock Road with no apparent through way for cycles: GoBike Berryknowes ApprovalGoBike Manse Brae comment & objection

Glasgow City Council, Clyde Place, proposed segregated cycleway

Clyde Place

We eventually got a detailed plan, 425040 002 – Preliminary Design Clyde Place from the City Council, which has allayed most of our concerns and we have thus submitted this letter of comment, GoBike Clyde Place comment to the Council.  We now await construction!

Glasgow City Council have issued a Traffic Regulation Order for a 2-way segregated cycle way on Clyde Place, with a Plan and Notice.  However, there is insufficient information for us to provide a full response, although we do welcome a 2-way segregated cycle way.  We have thus requested more information; you can see our GoBike Clyde Place request here.  One of our concerns is the lack of clarity about the link into the Tradeston Route that is currently being constructed. The consultation closes on 21 September.

Glasgow City Council, Peninver Drive and Burghead Road, (near north-bound Clyde Cycle Tunnel) Govan, proposal for one-way driving.

Burghead Road

GCC propose to make Burghead Road (pictured) and Peninver Drive (to the right from Burghead Road and adjacent to Lidl) both one-way for motorists.  For Peninver Drive a two-way segregated cycleway was proposed last year, but no contraflow arrangement has been proposed for Burghead Road.  We have no objection to roads being made one-way but we do object to cycling being included; an adequate contraflow arrangement should be made, as set out in our letter to GCC:

Go Bike GCC SGUH Peninver Drive Comment-Objection

Glasgow City Council, Shieldhall Road, speed limit reduction to 30mph

Shieldhall Road

While we welcome the proposed reduction in the speed limit past this iconic building from 40mph to 30, we are concerned that nothing is proposed for the roundabouts at either end of this road.  Our analysis of publicly available accident data shows that there are more accidents at these two roundabouts than on the road inbetween.  We have thus submitted the attached letter and diagrams:

GoBike Shieldhall Road response June 2015 Shieldhall-3  The closing date for comments/objections is 10 July so there is still time for you to get your views in.

Glasgow City Council, Redetermination of east footway, Finnieston Street

We were alerted to this proposal by 2 Community Councils.  Following the installation of the gyratory road system at the Hydro, cycling north on Finnieston Street is difficult, to put it mildly.  GCC propose to make the east footway available to cyclists as well as pedestrians; there just isn’t room.  This proposal repeats part of one were consulted on last November, thus we have sent 2 letters.  We have the support of the local Community Council and the Green Councillor for the area with our objection.

Go Bike GCC Finnieston Street Shared Use Objection 15 June 2015 Go Bike Anderston-Finnieston GCC Objection 171114

Glasgow City Council Pacific Quay, Festival Gate Traffic Regulation, No Parking, No Loading

We approve this restriction on parking and loading: Go Bike Pacific Quay Festival Gate 15 June 2015

Glasgow City Council, Mandatory 20mph zones, 4D, Drumoyne and Mansewood

We approve this, although we wish to see a 20mph limit for most of the city and an end to expensive, hard-to-maintain road humps.  Go Bike Response Mand 20 Drumoyne and Mansewood 15 June 2015

Glasgow City Council, Mandatory 20mph Zones, 4B, Anniesland and Knightswood

GCC continue their patchwork of 20mph zones with traffic calming.  While we welcome this speed reduction in residential areas, we consider, in the light of this week’s approval of the GoBike 20mph petition, that no new traffic calming is necessary.

Go Bike Letter Mand20 4B 140515

Glasgow City Council, Colleges Cycle Route Consultation 2014, response from the Council

We have now received this final response.  Remember that our objection was based on the proposals being inadequate, the published drawings did NOT show that parking was to be banned in the cycle lanes and the cycle lanes were not continuous.  GCC’s interpretation of “a modern standard” does not, from the information we have, tally with any of the design guides we are aware of.  And yes, Phil is related to Frank!


Dear Sir / Madam

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your correspondence regarding the above order and apologise for the delay in replying.

As you may be aware, the main intention of the proposed traffic regulation order was to prevent vehicles from parking in the cycle lanes, thereby leaving the cycle lanes unobstructed for use by cyclists. Upgrading the cycle lanes to a modern standard would then have followed.

Whilst support for the scheme was received, unfortunately, as a result of objections received from  members of the public, community councils, traders and a local cycle campaign group, the decision has been made not to pursue the proposed order for the time being. The Council recognises that there was substantial concern regarding the need to park in the area. Consequently, plans to improve the cycle route will be held in abeyance until plans for improving the management of parking are brough2t forward, since the incentive of improved parking management may resolve many of the concerns previously expressed during the consultation. This is scheduled for 2016/17.

A separate TRO has been promoted by the LES Traffic Section for the loading bay at 70-82 Hyndland Road, since this is not related to the upgrade of Colleges Cycle Route.

Notwithstanding the above, the Council will carry out an assessment of the cycle route to identify what minor improvements that can be made during the interim period.I trust this is of assistance and again thank you for your correspondence.

Phil McAveety, Design Manager, Land and Environmental Services, Glasgow – UK Council of the Year 2015″

Glasgow City Council, Barrhead Road Footway Redetermination Order

On October 28 last year (see below) GoBike submitted an objection to the proposed Newlands to Silverburn Route.  GCC have now published an order to consult on works, already underway, to resurface the footway on Barrhead Road and redetermine it for both cycle and pedestrian use.  We have submitted a partial objection on the grounds that dropped kerbs have not been installed at 2 redundant crossings of the path.  Comments close on Monday 20 April – you have time to add your voice!  Please do, if you have concerns.  GCC’s planning proposals are given here

Go Bike partial objection Barrhead Road GCC 16 April 2015Broompark Farm exit without dropped curbs

Glasgow City Council, Montrose Street (City Centre) Footway Redetermination Order

GoBike submitted a late response to this consultation to redetermine the footway outside the Marriage Suite on Montrose Street (at the back of the City Chambers) as dual use for pedestrians and cyclists – in both directions.  Our letter is here: Go Bike Montrose Street April 2015

The City Council proposals are here: MW-RO-MontroseSt-advert, MW-RO-MontroseSt-SOR, MW-RO-MontroseSt-drawing

Glasgow City Council (Queens Park Area) Footway Redetermination Order

It is proposed, with consultation closing on 06 March, to redetermine the footways adjacent to Queens Park on Pollokshaws Road and Langside Avenue for the use of cyclists as well as pedestrians.  This seems unnecessary to us since full cycle lanes are required for the full length of the A77 and anyone who doesn’t wish to cycle on the road around Queens Park may already cycle through the Park.  We have thus objected to the proposal:

Go Bike Queens Park objection

On 30 June we received this response: GCC response, 30 June, to GoBike objection, 05 March 2015 to Queens Park footway redetermination  This appears to be in strong contradiction to the aims of the draft of Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2015 – 2025 currently out for consultation!

Glasgow City Council (Yorkhill) – (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order 2015

We were given a wee bit of (free) legal advice against appealing to the Court of Session – massive costs both for us and the City Council (which, of course, those of us living in Glasgow would also pay for).  We have thus written to Councillors Watson, Kerr and McAveety, alerting them to our concern and also giving them the news that civil action has been taken against other local authorities in Scotland where incidents have occurred as a result of failure to comply with the Traffic Signs Manual.

GoBike Yorkhill Councillor letter 26 Feb15

Glasgow City Council Napiershall Street/ Maryhill Road, junction changes update

GCC have responded promptly to our comment and objection – see below – and we have withdrawn our objection.

Napiershall St GCC response 23 Feb 15

Go Bike final Napiershall St 24Feb15

Glasgow City Council (Yorkhill) – (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order 2015

We were alerted to this (closed) consultation by one of our supporters, whose objection was rejected.  We have considered the proposals and, although late in the day, we have also submitted an objection.  In addition, however, we have appealed against the Council’s decision to the Court of Session.  This is the first time, we think, that GoBike has taken such action, and we have taken it not because the City Council are changing the parking regime and not even because they propose to allow contraflow cycling (which we welcome) but because they propose to do this with NO SIGNAGE OR LANE MARKINGS!  Details of a Court of Session appeal are given in Clause 41.24 of a very legal document; we hope we have done it correctly!

GoBike Yorkhill objection 18 Feb2015

Go Bike Yorkhill Appeal Under Statute February 2015

Glasgow City Council: Paisley Road West, changes at junction with Tweedsmuir Road and Cardonald Place Road.

GCC propose to install traffic lights at this junction and introduce a contraflow cycle lane on Cardonald Place Road.  Their proposals may be seen on the Council website here

We have responded with general approval of the changes but have proposed additional measures that will improve safety for cyclists:

GoBike Paisley-Tweedsmuir-Cardonald response

Glasgow City Council Napiershall Street/ Maryhill Road, junction changes

We have commented favourably on most of these proposals which may be seen on the GCC website  However, we have concerns about the introduction of parking at one location and have objected to this part of the proposals.

Go Bike Napiershall St 10Feb15

Glasgow City Council Kennishead Road (30mph speed limit) (amendment) order

The City Council propose to extend the current 30mph zone 450m east of Boydstone Road, see here for details.  We approve of this and would even like the speed limit to be extended as far as the junction with Barrhead Road.

Go Bike Response Kennishead Road speed 05Feb2015

Glasgow City Council (Colleges Cycle Route) Traffic Regulation Order: GCC response to our submission of 29 September 2014.

On 27 January 2015 we received an e-mail response to our objection to the changes, submitted on 29 September last year.  We considered the response and have maintained significant parts of our response, replying, within the short timescale given, of 04 February.

Go Bike GCC Colleges Phase 2 Objection Response 04Feb15

During 2014 we responded to the following local authority consultations:

Glasgow New Southern General Hospital: Meiklewood Road

On 17 December we received a letter and drawing about proposed parking restrictions and cycling on Meiklewood Road, which is near the new hospital but not an obvious route to get there:

Technical Feasibility-1

We responded on 31 December with this query and we await clarification:

Go Bike GCC Meiklewood Road 31 Dec 14

Clarification was later received and there were no grounds to continue discussion.

Glasgow Dowanhill and Byres Road (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order.

Further to the Objection we submitted on 18 September, on 17 December we received this response:

FW The Glasgow City Council (Dowanhill & Byres Road) (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order

Finding this less than satisfactory, we maintained our objection to most of the points in a reply on 31 December 2014:

Go Bike GCC Dowanhill&Byres Road 2 31 Dec 14

Network Rail, Queen Street Station redevelopment Stage 2

The Stage 2 proposals for Queen Street may be seen here  Further to the Go Bike submission at Stage 1 further bike stands are to be included, with further space set aside for possible future cycle use, but in our submission for this final stage we still press for substantial facilities for cycles to bring us up to European standards.

Go Bike QSt Consultation Submission re Cycle Facilities, Stage 2, 17 Dec 14

ATOC cycle-rail toolkit

GCC Bus, Taxi and Cycle Lane Review

Go Bike and other groups have been asked to review proposals (attached) to standardise bus lane operation times, with 3 options proposed: peak time only, day time only or 24/7.  The latter is the Go Bike preference and our reasons are stated in our submission.

GCC Bus Lane Consultation document – cycle-1 Nov14

Go Bike GCC Bus,Cycle.Taxi Lane Review 191114

GCC proposals for Anderston to Finnieston Cycle Route Enhancements

Glasgow City Council recently issued proposals to “enhance” cycle routes in the Finnieston/SECC area to Go Bike and other cycle interest groups.  The proposals include an upgrade to a path on the north side of the expressway, which is welcome, the shared use of the footway on the east side of Finnieston Street by both cyclists and pedestrians, which does not meet the design standard and moving the sign outside the Hilton Garden Inn a short distance.  The proposals and the Go Bike response are both attached.

GCC proposals for Anderston to Finnieston Cycle Route Enhancements

Go Bike Anderston-Finnieston GCC Objection 171114

Proposed Newlands to Silverburn Cycling & Walking Route

Glasgow City Council, as per Go Bike information last month, propose to construct a cycling and walking route linking the Silverburn shopping area to the A77 at Newlands.  Go Bike members have considered these plans and while the widening of the footway along Barrhead Road is to be welcomed (although on-road segregated lanes would be preferred) we do object to the council’s failure to address the Auldhouse Roundabout, which would also benefit the Pollokshaws Streamline Proposals to which we objected in August this year.

Go Bike Newlands-Silverburn GCC 28 Oct 14

East Dunbartonshire Council A81, Milngavie, cycle proposals

East Dunbartonshire Council propose the installation of segregated cycle lanes from Milngavie towards the boundary with Glasgow on an incremental basis.  Go Bike have submitted comments.

Go Bike EDC Bears Way 08 Oct 14 pdf

Glasgow City Council (Colleges Cycle Route) Traffic Regulation Order.
Glasgow City Council aim with this Order to improve the Colleges Cycle Route from Highburgh Road through to Jordanhill.  Unfortunately, the cycle lanes proposed are at the absolute minimum width of 1.5m, kerbside parking is permitted for most of the route, with the door opening zone at the absolute minimum width of 0.5m and there is no cycle lane at all westbound through the junction at the top of Clarence Drive and down past Hyndland Secondary School.

Go Bike GCC Colleges Phase 2 Objection 290914

Glasgow Dowanhill and Byres Road (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order.  Glasgow City Council propose to significantly increase on-street parking, introduce one-way streets for motor vehicles, but with contraflow cycling allowed in this area.  Contraflow cycling on one-way streets is widely accepted as good practice but the Order gives no detail of signage, allows parking on both sides of the streets rather than one, allows parking too close to road junctions and is being done, as far as we know with no reference to a city-wide policy.  Go Bike has thus submitted an objection, on 18 September 2014.

Glasgow Pollokshaws Streamline consultation.

Glasgow City Council propose to upgrade the bus route along Pollokshaws Road, but have failed to take account of their policies and good practice with regard to cycling.  Go Bike submitted its objection on 28 August 2014.

Glasgow Queen Street Station Redevelopment, Stage 1 consultation.  Network Rail propose to redevelop Glasgow Queen Street Station in conjunction with the extension of the Buchanan Galleries Shopping Centre and the construction of longer platforms and electrification to allow quieter and longer trains.  Two Go Bike members met with Network Rail and we submitted our proposals to include a cycle hub, as per ATOC’s cycle-rail toolkit and other improvements on 18 May 2014.

Glasgow City Centre Transport Strategy: these proposals, as they affect cycling, were discussed at the Go Bike public meeting on 12 March 2014.  If implemented, they have the potential to improve the city centre environment and Go Bike submitted comments on 30 April 2014.

Glasgow Fastlink Bus Proposals Elder Street to Moss Road.  This scheme will establish bus-only bus lanes for a fast link bus from the city centre to the new Southern General Hospital, relegating cycles from the relative safety of a shared bus lane to either sharing a lane with all other traffic, using a footway or a circuitous diversion.  Go Bike objected to this section of the scheme on 27 March 2014.

Glasgow Hillhead Traffic Management and Parking Controls.  While not in the headline changes, Glasgow City Council proposed to introduce contraflow cycling, which if introduced properly would be a boon to cyclists and cycling.  Unfortunately, that was far from the case with these proposals and Go Bike submitted an objection on 08 March 2014.

Glasgow City Parks consultation; this was a controversial consultation from Glasgow City Council, which led to the creation of a Facebook page of its own, Save Glasgow Park Life  Go Bike submitted comments/objection on 12 February 2014.