Consultation Digest Issue 21, 07 November 2018: Yet more Speed Tables proposed for Glasgow, Battlefield Public Event and have your say on Police Scotland


Yup, once again, Glasgow City Council are aiming to address speeding on a residential road with their standard solution, speed tables. Once again, we suggest there are other options, (see 1.2 Croftpark Avenue below).

South Barrhead: could we press for a new railway station as well as cycle routes (see Item 1.1 below)?


Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. East Renfrewshire South Barrhead Transport Accessibility Study, response date extended to 11 November.
  2. **NEW** Croftpark Avenue Glasgow, traffic calming proposal, closes 14 November.
  3. South West Scotland Transport Study, final reminder, closes 16 November
  4. Station Road, Millerston – Robroyston, closes 21 November
  5. Police Scotland consultation, closes probably March 2019

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

  1. **NEW** Battlefield, Glasgow, public event on 15 November
  2. Strathclyde Passenger Transport Active Travel Workshop
  3. Glasgow city centre ‘Avenues’: preview of initial design ideas for Sauchiehall Street precinct, Cambridge Street & New City Road with full public consultation later this year.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Glasgow, Battlefield Working Group, 24 October
  2. Glasgow, Safer Streets Pollokshields meeting 25 October
  3. Joint WalkCycleVote and Women’s Cycle Forum Consultation Day 03 November

Section 1: Current Consultations, in date order for action and responses

1.1 East Renfrewshire, South Barrhead Transport Accessibility Study, responses now close on Sunday 11 November

Please do go to this link and look at the map. The study principally covers the south of Barrhead near the Neilston Railway line, where it is proposed to build 1100 houses. Unless good walking and cycling routes are incorporated into this development with a new railway station, (Barrhead South ?) this could mean 2200 more cars trying to get to the local schools, trying to get around Barrhead and/or trying to get along the M77 into Glasgow. East Renfrewshire and their consultant, Aecom, appear to be open to active travel and a new station has been suggested before, so please do respond so that we can all walk and cycle around the area and, if we aren’t too active, catch the train to/from the Dams to Darnley Country Park

1.2 Croftpark Avenue, Glasgow, Traffic Calming Scheme 2018, closes 14 November

Glasgow City Council are proposing yet another traffic calming scheme where, apparently, the only option considered is the use of speed tables. This is the e-mail we received from the City Council on 24 October:

Dear Sir / Madam


The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Calming Scheme and I wish to establish the views of your organisation.

Background to the proposed Scheme

The scheme is aimed at improving road safety by reducing vehicle speeds.

Roads affected by the proposed Scheme

The list of roads affected by these proposals are:-


Details of the proposed Scheme

The proposed Scheme (as depicted on the attached plans) will comprise of:-

  • 12no 75mm high speed tables

Please provide any comments you wish to make on these proposals within 21 days.

In the meantime, should you require any further information or clarification on any points arising from the proposals, do not hesitate to contact my assistant Sandy Carle on 0141 287 8205.

Should the Council proceed with these proposals; I will write to you again and confirm this.

Here are the 5 plans we were sent, showing some rain gardens to soak up rainwater and alleviate any drainage issues, but nothing to alleviate any concerns for children, or adults, cycling outside their home: 5070b 5071b 5072b 5073b 5074b

Now, speed tables do have their uses, but there are many other ways to reduce traffic speed. Narrowing the road by including cycle lanes is an obvious one to us but chicanes (with cycle bypasses) could also be used and there is that obvious deterrent of apprehending the people who are exceeding the speed limit. Here’s the reply we sent back on Monday: GoBike Croftpark Avenue Letter 051118

A request for clarification told us that this is not a Traffic Regulation Order (but didn’t explain why not) and that the 21 days to reply is 21 calendar days so it expires next week. Please do write in if you share our concerns about Glasgow becoming a roller coaster city, with speed tables and/or speed cushions everywhere.

1.3 South West Scotland Transport Study, final reminder – closes 16 November


This study was included in the last two digests, see Digest 19 and/or Digest 20  If you are concerned about the accessibility of this area and/or cycling around it do please respond.


1.4 Station Road, Millerston – Robroyston, closes 21 September

We reported on this for the first time two weeks ago, see Digest 20 and here’s our letter of support: GoBike Station Road Support and comments Letter 171018

This is potentially an important one. If we don’t get cycle lanes or any other features here to enhance active travel and improve the area for the community, guess what? Speed tables will no doubt be proposed, to control all the motor vehicles rushing to the new railway station. Please do get your views in to support active travel to the new Robroyston Railway Station.

1.5 Police Scotland Survey, open all year!

Police Scotland seem quite keen to hear from us, so if you are concerned about road safety, traffic infringements, or any matter, do complete this survey

You can let them know what you think about how “incidents” involving people on bikes are dealt with.

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

2.1 Glasgow Battlefield Public Consultation Event, 15 November, 2-8pm

Here’s the information we have received from Sustrans and their poster:

“Sustrans Scotland has partnered with Glasgow City Council to take forward the designs around Battlefield Rest and the wider area and we need your involvement. Since our Launch event in September we have been gathering your feedback and views on the area and now it’s time to develop these ideas into designs.

Design Workshops: Thursday 15 November

Join us for the second session of the Battlefield Street Design Project to view feedback collected from the launch event, develop designs using a model kit and share your cycling experiences in the area. Visit Langside Parish Church, 167 Ledard Road for the following activities:

  • Drop in between 2pm – 8pm to view the public feedback and the progress so far. To develop the designs of the project please attend at these specific time slots: 2pm, 30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm
  • Free Dr Bike 2pm – 5pm. Bring your bike and get it checked for free!
  • Cycle workshop at 6.15pm Join us for an interactive workshop where we’ll discuss cycling in the area and how to improve your experiences.”

2.2 Strathclyde Passenger Transport Active Travel Workshop

This is coming soon and one of our committee members will be going along. We’ll get a short feedback report out to you.


2.3 Glasgow city centre ‘Avenues’: preview of initial design ideas for Sauchiehall Street precinct, Cambridge Street & New City Road

GoBike has been invited to this event, which takes place next week. Full public consultation will follow later this year, we are told, and we will let you know about that as soon as we can.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1 Glasgow, Battlefield Working Group, 24 October

Tricia Fort attended this event last month, hosted by Sustrans, along with a representative from a local community group, a representative from the housing association redeveloping the old hospital site and a member of Glasgow City Council, Land & Environment Services. The discussion was positive and consultation is ongoing with the next public event on 15 November, (see item 2.1 above).

3.2 Glasgow, Safer Streets Pollokshields meeting 25 October

Tricia Fort attended a very positive meeting with members of the Pollokshields Trust and a representative from Sustrans last month. The aim is to address a variety of issues in Pollokshields, such as excessive parking, excessive traffic speeds and to improve the area for the people who live and work there. The Pollokshields Trust is leading on this and we look forward to Pollokshields becoming a better place for walking and cycling – and living.

3.3 WalkCycleVote and Women’s Cycle Forum Consultation Event 03 November

This was an excellent event held in Edinburgh at the weekend and attended by three GoBike committee members. It was an opportunity to learn from others and to spread our wings from the mundane Cycling by Design to more inspirational design guides that are out there.

That’s it for now. The more observant of you might have noticed that this is coming out on Wednesday, ie a day later than usual. Saturday’s Consultation event in Edinburgh and the Cycling Scotland Conference in Dundee 05 -06 November delayed things. Should be back to Tuesday in a fortnight.