GoBike Supports a Car Free George Square

Glasgow City Council are taking the bold move to capitalise on recent road closures around George Square during the Glasgow 2018 events and are looking to potentially remove traffic permanently. GoBike are fully in support of this idea and would love to see George Square made a much friendlier, safer, quieter and less polluted place for people.

They have a survey here looking to gather opinions on this plan, and your input would be really appreciated – it only takes two minutes. Thanks for your assistance!


Consultation Digest Issue 15, 07 August 2018: Ever had a puncture on Broken Glass? The Deposit Return Scheme Survey may help

It’s been another quiet fortnight on the consultations front but we have a couple of interesting ones for you to respond to. These are the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme and a final push on Pavement Parking from Living Street. We also have a reminder about the Buchanan Wharf development that closes today, and don’t forget the Glasgow North East Active Travel Routes Consultation Event tomorrow.

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GoBike Ride to Lesmahagow and Lanark – Sunday 5th August

Join us once again for our monthly bike ride this month south eastwards, to Lanark.

This ride will take us out of Glasgow through Rutherglen and Cambuslang along a back road to Blantyre and Hamilton, then join NCN 74 to reach our lunch stop at Chatelherault Country Park. After lunch we will continue along NCN 74 through Larkhall and Lesmahagow as far as Happendon. We will then make our way over to Lanark for a train back to Glasgow. 45 miles including a selection of the good, the bad and the ugly of South Lanarkshire cycle infrastructure.

Note that a road race is taking place in Glasgow (between Glasgow Green and Byres Road) that day which may affect your route to our meeting point. See https://www.glasgow2018.com/ for the route of the road race.

Meet 10am at the pagoda at the North end of the Bell’s Bridge. We aim to return for 6pm.

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Consultation Extra: Glasgow North East Active Travel Routes consultation event, Wednesday 08 August, 3pm to 7pm

We have recently been informed by one of our members – thanks very much Neil L – of this forthcoming consultation by Glasgow City Council:

“The North East Active Travel Routes consultation can be viewed via this link.

The closing date for consultation will be Wednesday 22 August.

A public drop in session will be held from 3pm to 7pm on Wednesday 8 August at Beatroute Arts Centre, 285 Wallacewell Road, G21 3RP.”

Do get along to the event if you can; there’ll be a reminder in next week’s Consultations Digest, and do have a look at the information on-line, using the link above or at: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=23027 and https://glasgowgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=97d5df94a910461fb5d450db4863448a


Call for Action Day – This Saturday!!

Roll up roll up, for GoBike’s Call for Action to all the current and future cycle campaigners in and around Glasgow, this very Saturday afternoon, yes that’s Saturday the 28th of July 2018. We need your ideas, your energy and your involvement.

Do you have ideas on how we can make cycling safer and better around our roads? Would you like to hear more about what and how we’ve been campaigning over the last year? Would you just like to see how you might be able to get more involved?

Well get yer tickets here – they are free!

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Consultation Digest Issue 14, 14 July 2018: Holiday time but do respond to the Lennoxtown plan and support the South West City Way with the new development on Clyde Place

Lennoxtown beneath the Campsie Hills and the Crow Road

For this fortnight we have good news for Lennoxtown as a draft place plan consultation reaches us – but do they go far enough for active travel? We also have some of the detail for the development at Clyde Place, Tradeston, now to be known as Buchanan Wharf. In other news we also have some interesting feedback from Glasgow City Council, and Sustrans are undertaking a review on the National Cycle Network. Other than that been it’s very quiet, giving us time to get out and cycle. Continue reading “Consultation Digest Issue 14, 14 July 2018: Holiday time but do respond to the Lennoxtown plan and support the South West City Way with the new development on Clyde Place”

GoBike Call for Action Day – One Week To Go!

We are excited that there is only one week to go until our 2nd annual Call for Action Day.

We’d love to have you along for the afternoon to hear about what GoBike has been doing over the past year, including info on projects that came out of the Call For Action day last year including:

Friends of South City Way

Cycle Desire Network Map


Also hear about how you can get involved in our highly successful Councillor Tours, and how you can help us respond to the current deluge of consultations we are involved in that have an impact on cycling around our area.

After the presentation, we will have workshops to identify the campaigns that GoBike should be focusing over the coming year.

Oh yes, and there will be cake.


13:00 Tea/Coffee/Registration

13:30 Introduction

13:35 Presentations

  • Councillor Tours
  • Consultations
  • #GlasgowCycleInfraDay2018
  • Insert Loved One Here #ILOH
  • Cycle Desire Network Map
  • Friends of South City Way & SCW Breakfast
  • Space for People Byres Road
  • Paint is not Protection

14:30 Workshop 1 – Identify New Campaigns

15:15 Campaign Vote & Cake

15:30 Workshop 2 – Planning Top Voted Campaigns

16:15 Summing Up and Next Steps

If you haven’t already booked your place on the Call for Action day please go to Eventbright via the button below:

The Call For Action Day is being supported by the Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust and  De’ils On Wheels as part of their Cycle Friendly Communities project.

Consultation Digest Issue 13. Parking – we are not amused, but some good news on segregated cycle lanes

Glasgow Parking

We know that most of our members are concerned about the extent of on-road parking in the city, and this week we have two items on parking – see items 1.3 and 3.1. We have responded on a new Concordat between Glasgow City Council and the Third Sector (see item 1.1), and we hope that its implementation will bring changes to the current lack of early meaningful consultation, that all too often leaves us with objecting to a Traffic Regulation Order as our only option. For the good news on segregated routes, see our items on Connecting Woodside, the Argyle Street Avenue and Bunhouse Road.


Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. Third Sector Concordat, closes this Friday 13 July
  2. Argyle Street Avenue, closes 13 July
  3. Woodside Parking and cycle access, closes 13 July
  4. Connecting Woodside, closes 17 July
  5. Bunhouse Road and Benalder Street, new cycle lanes, closes 27 July

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

  1. Old Dumbarton Road, cycle lane (in connection with Bunhouse Road, 1.5)

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West parking


Section 1: Current Consultations – in date order for responses

1.1 ** NEW** Glasgow Third Sector / City Council Concordat, closes 13 July

We heard about this from GoBike member Neil, who works at Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust and De’ils On Wheels and whom many of you may know. We agree with him that there is potential for Glasgow City Council to improve their relationship with groups in the third, ie voluntary sector, which includes GoBike, so we have responded on-line with this: Third Sector Concordat GoBike response 040718

We are very concerned that frequently our only option is to object to a consultation when we would very much prefer to be involved earlier in the discussion, so that our views as a group campaigning for public statements on active travel to be put into practice, are taken into account.

Do please read the Concordat and respond, either as an individual or encourage the organisation/s you are involved with to respond.

This is the text from the GCVS newsletter:

“Glasgow Third Sector Interface (TSI)  partners and Glasgow City Council have agreed to create a Concordat that sets out the principles which will underline a refreshed relationship between the Council and the third sector. A draft of the Concordat is now out for consultation. You can read it here.

The Consultation will be open until 13 July 2018 and can be completed online here.
The TSI believes that the new Concordat will offer greater engagement and new opportunities for partnership working between the Council and the third sector, and we are looking forward to the final Concordat being launched, and to working on the all-important Action Plan that will seek to put some of the principles in the Concordat into action.

A very busy event held at The Albany this month saw representatives from a wide range of third sector organisations come together to give their thoughts on the draft. As was to be expected, while people were generally happy to see progress being made, many are keen to see what the Action Plan will look like, and to find out how this new approach will be evaluated. The TSI will aim to ensure that people are kept informed as this work progresses.”

1.2  Argyle Street Avenue, closes this Friday, 13 July

This was a new item in our last Digest 12 and we do encourage you to complete the short on-line consultation, see: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=22919  Information on the Avenues is given here and you can see the visuals for Argyle Street here

We have now sent a short letter of support to the design team, see: GoBike Argyle Street comments 090718 This is just the sort of streetscape we wish to see in the city.  By return we have been put on the mailing list for future Avenues consultations, so we will be able to keep you up-to-date.

1.3  Woodside Parking and cycle access, closes 13 July

We have mentioned this before, (Digest 11) and it’s one that we support. Parking of the irresponsible nature shown in this photo needs to be stopped.


We are also pleased to see that, while North Woodside Road will be closed to traffic, cycles will be exempted. This is a move that ties in with all policies to promote active travel and it’s good to see action of this type in the city. Here’s our response to the Traffic Regulation Order: GoBike Woodside Parking support 090718

There’s still time for you to add your support.


1.4 Connecting Woodside, on-line consultation closes 17 July

Details of this were in Digest 12 and there is an online consultation, which you can find at https://connectingwoodside.commonplace.is/  The consultation information is at https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=42014&p=0  We have sent in this short letter of support, with a couple of comments, to the proposals: GoBike Woodside comment 090718


1.5  Bunhouse Road and Benalder Street, Segregated cycle lanes, closes 27 July

Digest 12 gave information on this Traffic Regulation Order, which was issued further to moves by Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council to improve conditions for walking and cycling in their area. We asked three questions of the City Council about these plans and we received the following replies:

  1. The crossing from Bunhouse Road over Dumbarton Road/Argyle Street to Kelvingrove Park: “A full signalised junction with a diagonal crossing introduced for cyclists will replace the existing Toucan crossing. The cycle phase will operate in tandem with the pedestrian phase of existing crossing. Signage and screed will be introduced at the north side of the crossing to reduce potential cyclist / pedestrian conflict.”
  2. Will the cycle route on Benalder Street be segregated? “The cycle route will be segregated from other traffic along Ben Alder Street. The existing vehicle containment barrier will be retained.”
  3. Is a new 2-way cycle route shown on Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road? “A separate redetermination order will be promoted”  

There’s a bit more information on Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road in item 2.1 below. We got a prompt response to those question but have not yet heard back on two further questions, the first about the footway on Bunhouse Road, and the second about arrangements at the north end of Benalder Street, at the junction with Beith Street. This apart, we are generally supportive of these measures.

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

2.1  Ferry Road and Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, proposed new cycle lanes

We have heard about this through our queries on the drawing issued for Bunhouse Road, and the full reply to reply to our question about a new cycle route on these two streets is “There is an existing shared path along this footway from Bunhouse Road to Ferry Road. A separate redetermination order will be promoted to split the path between cyclists and pedestrians as well as extending the route to the existing crossing at Yorkhill Street. The existing path will be widened to a minimum of 5m (3m cycles, 2m pedestrians).”  This, while it’s not a major route in the city, is one we will support on the grounds that the local community is looking to improve active travel, and the existing shared route is of low quality.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1 Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West parking

In Digest 12 we published our comments on the proposed parking changes in this area, GoBike Hyndland Hughenden & Dowanhill West comments 250618 and we have now received this quite astonishing reply: H H & D GCC response to GoBike comments 040718  It includes the statement “residents have no alternative but to park on Clarence Drive overnight” prompting the question as to whether the City Council has a responsibility to provide residents with parking space for private vehicles. Reference is made to an objection GoBike submitted in 2014, Go Bike GCC Colleges Phase 2 Objection 290914  This was a very detailed letter in which we highlighted many areas where we considered the proposals brought forward at that time to “upgrade” the Colleges Cycle Route, needed considerable improvement and yet, instead of revisiting their design, the City Council used our objection as a reason to abandon any improvement. The fact that this objection has been brought up by them again with reference to this, highlights even further why we feel the need for a much needed overhaul and improvement of the council’s consultation process.

We will be responding.

So that’s it this fortnight but please e-mail us on consultations@gobike.org particularly if you know of any consultations from local authorities other than Glasgow, which we should be aware of.

Call For Action Day – 3 weeks to go – Book Now

Participants at the 1st GoBike Call For Action Day

Come along to the GoBike, Strathclyde Cycle Campaigns Call for Action day, where we will be showcasing our recent campaigning activity and successes and find out how you can get involved, as well as shape our current campaigns:

  • Our Byres Road Cycle Lanes Campaign
  • Councillor Tours
  • Friends of South City Way
  • Consultation Responses
  • #GlasgowCycleInfraDay2018
  • Friends of Bears Way

The day is aimed at people in the Greater Glasgow area who are looking to push things forward for cycling in the city and beyond. It will provide attendees the opportunity to meet, discuss and collaborate with other like-minded members and volunteers.

If you have a passion for helping make Glasgow and surrounds a healthier, happier and more pleasant place to get about, our Call for Action Day is the essential cycling date of the summer. Book your place now – tickets to this exciting campaigning event are free but limited.

Web Help Wanted!

GoBike are looking for a couple of people to join our team of Web Group volunteers, who keep our website ticking over.

Do you have web developer skills with WordPress experience, a few hours a month to give, and want to help? We’d love to hear from you! Please drop our co-convenors a line on convenor (at) gobike.org with a couple of sentences about your experience and what time you might have available to help.

Thanks team!