Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 156, 04 April 2024

In the centre…

Town centres dominate this issue – one in South Lanarkshire (visualisation in featured image, above) and no less than eight in East Renfrewshire! Elsewhere, North Lanarkshire’s consultations continue and South Ayrshire looks at car parking. Glasgow has a few projects in both the West End and in the north of the city – one of the latter links with East Dunbartonshire.

On 26 March a vigil was held for Una Brandreth, who was killed while cycling in Bearsden a week before. The petition to improve road safety in the area now has over 2,000 signatures.

Section 1: Current Consultations
(in date order for responses)

1.1: North Woodside Road (Outdoor Public Space)

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: This started as an idea from Websters Theatre for a temporary public events space in the cul-de-sac outside their building. It was put forward for a council programme called Animating Spaces but has since become part of the wider Connecting Woodside project. The latest plans feature a path, dropped kerb, cycle hire station and rain garden. The street is a useful link between the Kelvin Way and Great Western Road (and doesn’t currently have a drop kerb). While the plan might seem modest, removing two car parking spaces to fit it in might still get a negative reaction from some in the West End.
Featured: Digest 75, 1.1 (originally as “Websters Theatre – A New Public Space at Kelvinbridge”).
Website links: N Woodside Rd storymap and N Woodside Rd survey
Deadline: 12 April 2024.

1.2: Conservation Area Consultations (Coatbridge/Cumbernauld)

Council: North Lanarkshire.
Subject: Two consultations about lesser known Conservation Areas. The Coatbridge one is either side of Blairhill train station and the other is in Cumbernauld Village (the original settlement north of the town centre). While not directly related to cycling, the last few survey questions mention traffic and development.
Website links: Coatbridge: Blairhill and Dunbeth Conservation Area Consultation and Cumbernauld Village Conservation Area Consultation.
Deadline: 12 April 2024.

1.3: A803 Stage 2

Council: East Dunbartonshire (and Glasgow CC/City Deal).
Subject: The A803 includes Springburn Rd and Kirkintilloch Rd between North Glasgow and Bishopbriggs. Consultation in 2022 (with Atkins) led to three route options (by Arcadia).
Option 1 – bus lanes (mostly southbound) with nothing for cycling.
Option 2 – some southbound bus lanes and a shared path for walking/cycling. Except near Bishopbriggs town centre it zigzags off into a ‘quietway’ cycle route. Then back to a shared path before it gives up at Hawthorn St.
Option 3 – some sections of 2-way cycleway in north Bishopbriggs then shared path/quietway again until Hawthorn St (where it “will tie into a proposed cycle route that Glasgow City Council is developing”). However, what would happen in the meantime? Alternatives would include using grass verges/upgrading existing paths or actually taking road space from the A803 dual carriageway. However, EDC doesn’t offer those options.
A drop-in event has already taken place.
Website links: A803 Stage 2 storymap and A803 public consultation page (with downloads of plans for Option 1Option 2 and Option 3).
Deadline: 21 April 2024.

1.4: Hamilton Town Centre Masterplan

Visualisation of repurposed public space off Castle St, Hamilton
Visualisation of changes to public space off Castle St, Hamilton (view to Princes Gate)

Council: South Lanarkshire.
Subject: One of Scotland’s biggest towns gets a radical rethink to reduce retail and reintroduce residences. The same team who did East Kilbride’s plans are looking at potential demolition of both the New Cross and Regent shopping centres (and maybe the former Baird’s and M&S buildings). However, initial plans keep the 4/5-lane A723 around the south-eastern edge of the town centre, which severs it from neighbouring areas (Barncluith and Silvertonhill). The Masterplan material mentions active travel but very few images have cycle lanes. There are some inventive ideas but many cluttered shared spaces, which could do with some kind of segregation (like rows of trees, to take inspiration from the historic ‘Great Avenue’). The only current cycle route in the town centre (between Hamilton Central station and Strathclyde Park) is mostly paint, except a short stretch of shared path on Leechlee Rd protected by a hedge. The masterplan process is a golden opportunity to push for cycleways like recent ones in Glasgow or East Kilbride town centre.
Drop-in events (remaining):
4 April, 10am–4pm – Former Quiz shop unit, Regent Shopping Centre (Regent Way).
5 April, 10am–4pm – Asda, Palace Grounds.
Website links: South Lanarkshire View article, Hamilton Masterplan website and Hamilton Masterplan survey.
Deadline: 28 Apr 2024.

1.5: Connecting Yorkhill and Kelvingrove

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: Former ‘Cycling Village’ bid by YoKeCoCo (big Sustrans funding winner back in 2019). Since the pandemic it’s been rebranded as a GCC ‘Connecting…’ project.
Phase 1 – Yorkhill North includes previous plans for Radnor St, Haugh Rd, Gilbert St and Sandyford St (between Kelvin Way and SWG3). Another 2-way cycleway up Yorkhill St would link to infrastructure on Old Dumbarton Rd (behind the Kelvin Hall).
Phase 2 – widen footways along Kelvinhaugh St and add 1-way cycleways at the wide Argyle St junction.
Phase 3 – add bidirectional cycleways on Derby St to link from Kelvinhaugh St, across Argyle St and Sauchiehall St, to Kelvingrove Park.
Phase 4 – look at Corunna Street and Minerva Street (near Exhibition Centre train station). Also, there will be changes to car parking provision to better match the number of spaces and permit holders (currently two of the latter on Kelvinhaugh St for 203 spaces!).
Drop-in event: Thursday 18 April 2024 at 3.30–7pm in The Pyramid at Anderston, 759 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8DS.
See below for related Liveable Neighbourhoods projects and Traffic Regulation Order.
Website links: Connecting Y&K storymap and Connecting Y&K survey.
Deadline: 28 Apr 2024.

1.6: Yorkhill to Anderston: Liveable Neighbourhoods

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: The above Connecting Yorkhill and Kelvingrove work means the Liveable Neighbourhoods projects focus on Anderston (and part of Sandyford). These include adding some cycleways to the West City Way and tweaks to other sections. So, there’s a new cycleway for the quieter bit of Argyle St between the Buttery and Pyramid, near St Patrick’s Primary School. Some raised tables removed and the Elderslie St/Argyle St corner is remodelled. New 1-way cycleways go north of St Vincent St with a revised crossing on Elderslie St. Also, Kent Rd would get a 1-way section and some greenery. However, there are no upgrades for Berkeley St – the bus boarder and junctions at Elderslie St and Claremont St (near the Gaelic School) are untouched. North Claremont St is still disrupted by building work but it’s hard to follow the logic of the rest. Hopefully, the joint consultation event will provide some answers (18 April, as above). Also, these works raise questions about the level of provision in other LN areas.
Website links: Yorkhill–Anderston LN storymapAnderston LN survey and Yorkhill to Anderston consultation (on GCC’s LN webpage).
Deadline: 28 Apr 2024.

1.7: Prestwick parking consultation 2024

Prestwick Residents Parking Scheme map
Map of proposal for Prestwick car parking permit scheme (click to enlarge)

Organisation: Ayrshire Roads Alliance (on behalf of South Ayrshire Council).
Subject: Proposals to add further streets to an existing residents car parking permit scheme around Main Street, Prestwick. The new town centre streets added at the northern end of the area include Berelands Road, Mieklewood Avenue and Links Road. The latter is part of NCN7, along with Station Rd and Kirk St.
Website links: Prestwick parking consultation webpage.
Deadline: 03 May 2024.

1.8: East Renfrewshire Town Centres

Eastwood Park gates looking onto Eastwood Toll, Giffnock, East Ren
Park gates at Eastwood Toll – measures for Ayr Rd and Fenwick Rd are in consultation

Council: East Renfrewshire.
Subject: Further consultation about eight East Ren town centres: Clarkston, Eaglesham, Giffnock, Barrhead, Busby, Neilston, Newton Mearns and Thornliebank. The last phase collected suggestions about changes to each place. Some of the most popular options are now available to choose in ‘Final verification surveys’. Questions are grouped under headings: ‘Roads, transportation and active travel’, ‘Buildings, retail and meeting spaces’ and ‘Green space and path networks’.
Featured: Digest 121, 1.14 (and 112).
Website links: East Renfrewshire Town Centres Commonplace site.
Deadline: 05 May 2024.

1.9: Flourishing Molendinar

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: A project started by St Paul’s Youth Forum and their On Bikes team. Their original base is on Langdale St, Blackhill which had one of the first Spaces for People streets created during lockdown. More SfP streets followed on Royston Rd, Provanmill Rd and Cumbernauld Rd before the wider project was taken over by Glasgow City Council. These (very) detailed draft plans would make those protected lanes permanent and add a new public space in the middle of Langdale St (on a block with no houses facing onto it). Also, they’d add crucial connections to places like Smithycroft High School, taming junction 12 of the M8 motorway in the process.
Public Drop in Events: Wednesday 24 / Thursday 25 April 2024, 3pm – 7pm.
Molendinar Community Centre, 1210 Royston Road, Glasgow G33 1HE
Website links: FloMo posterFloMo plans sheet 1FloMo plans sheet 2 and FloMo plans sheet 3.
Deadline: 13 May 2024.

Section 2: Consultation Feedback

2.1: South Lanarkshire Cycling Partnership meeting – 25 March 2024

Subject: SLCP members include councillors, officers and external groups like Sustrans, Camglen Bike Town and GoBike. The main presentation was about the finished active travel studies for Clydesdale (split into three areas). The council now has active travel studies covering the whole of South Lanarkshire.
The other main presentation was about funding changes – Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has had its capital budget cut to zero. Also, funding that used to come via Sustrans is changing to direct funding from Transport Scotland. This has affected some ongoing projects but it looks like TS funding may go towards work around the new Hairmyres station (which goes to planning soon).
Updates included Bike Town planning expansion into East Kilbride, following their work there on bikes for refugees (with EK Integration Network) and tours of the new cycling infrastructure.
Also, some success for GoBike – following consultation, SLC are looking at an alternative route up from the Raith Interchange on Laighlands Rd/Bothwellpark Rd (instead of the steeper Langside Rd).

Section 3: Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders

3.1: East Dunbartonshire TROs

Subject: Order about disabled car parking spaces.
Website links: East Dunbartonshire TROs.

3.2: Glasgow City TROs and Traffic Calming

N Hanover St TRO plans (click to enlarge)

Subject: Traffic order for North Hanover St and Kyle St – in advance of works for the Avenues project. TRO plans show 2-way lanes are due to go on the eastern side of N Hanover St then a diagonal crossing will take them to the northern side of Kyle St (to connect with the new Sighthill bridge). A GoBike response raised several issues, especially about junctions/future connections including George Sq, Cathedral St, Cowcaddens Rd and Dobbies Loan. The GCC response answered some of our points but seemed to misinterpret others. Unfortunately, as GoBike are still quite stretched, we didn’t manage to get back to them before the public TRO went out. Deadline: 19 April 2024.
Other ongoing TRO consultations include Yorkhill Area/Radnor St and Duke St/John Knox St. The page also lists recent ‘made’ orders for St George’s St/Clarendon Place and the North East Active Travel Routes (NEATR).
Website links: GCC Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders and GCC Proposed Traffic Calming Schemes.

3.3: North Lanarkshire TROs

Subject: Changes to restrictions in Airdrie at the pedestrianised part of Graham St and on Wellwynd (next to New Wellwynd Parish Church). Deadline: 19 April 2024.
Website links: Graham Street and Wellwynd, Airdrie – Traffic Regulation (Consolidation) Variation Order.