Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 156, 04 April 2024

Hamilton Masterplan 'bird's eye view' visualisation of new developments

In the centre…

Town centres dominate this issue – one in South Lanarkshire (visualisation in featured image, above) and no less than eight in East Renfrewshire! Elsewhere, North Lanarkshire’s consultations continue and South Ayrshire looks at car parking. Glasgow has a few projects in both the West End and in the north of the city – one of the latter links with East Dunbartonshire.

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Consultation Digest (National) Issue 13, 1 July 2022: The one before the summer holidays.

The Scottish Parliament

Summer is here and the Scottish Parliament is now in recess. So time to kick back and enjoy a well deserved holiday away from all those consultations. But before that there’s one more consultation to respond to.

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Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 100, 25 November 2021

SEC Arrival Hall plans and sections

Ton up!

The one hundredth issue of the Digest is perhaps a moment to reflect on what’s happened in the past nearly four years. While things could always be better, there is more cycling infrastructure in place now than there was then. Projects like Spaces for People, Connecting Woodside or the East Kilbride Active Travel Network have gone in the ground (even if the rest of the South City Way hasn’t).

Around three quarters of those issues were written by the previous editor, Tricia Fort, who deserves a lot of credit for establishing the Digest (especially as it used to cover national issues too). Digest 1 in January 2018 mentioned work starting on the Sauchiehall St Avenue, just as events are due for the next phase along the precinct…

Forthcoming consultations:

Glasgow Avenues consultation events:

Provisional plans seen by GoBike didn’t match current standards in the updated Cycling by Design guidelines. Please attend if you can to speak up for better quality cycle lanes.

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Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 94, 31 August 2021

Glasgow LEZ sign

Consultations baton change.

As the 2020 Paralympics take place in Tokyo, how is Glasgow looking towards its own global event: COP26? Currently, the city council has a new, short notice consultation about suspending public access rights. You may have seen GoBike banners on the subject or media coverage of support from Scotland’s new Active Travel minister – Green MSP, Patrick Harvie. It’s also a last call for the survey on Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone.

It’s a final fling for a handful of consultations around Glasgow (and one in Renfrewshire). There’s a bit longer for a few others – a new survey on secure cycle parking in the city centre and the last leg of East Dunbartonshire’s Active Travel Discussion.

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Glasgow’s first shot at a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, Dennistoun

A year ago Glasgow City Council consulted on Traffic Management and Parking changes for Dennistoun and Royston. Post Covid they have now radically changed their plans to be far more what we think of as a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, with improvements for those of us who cycle.

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Consultation Digest Issue 72, 27 October 2020: bike storage – do get your views in to the Scottish Government!

Secure bike store at Alexandra Park Cycle Hub

Another selection of items for you, but please do respond to the OnBikes survey and, if you are a tenement resident, let’s get some bike storage, see Item 1.5. Also, don’t forget the language survey in 1.4. Lots to keep you busy but do read on for even more.

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Consultation Digest Issue 71, 13 October 2020: How do we talk about cycling and where do we store our bikes?

The language we use can be critical, as we know from so many spheres of our lives, so do please look at the journalism survey in Item 1.6.
Where can you store your bike if you live in a tenement etc? See the consultation on development in Item 1.7.
Plus we have important updates of speed cushions – confirmation of 8 more areas to be given this treatment, as well as less predictable issues, so do please read on.

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Consultation Digest Issue 67, 18 August 2020: Speed cushion special.

Our feature photo in this Digest shows a road in the east end of Glasgow which is proposed for speed cushion treatment in an attempt to reduce the speed of motor vehicles (see Item 1.4). As private motor cars have increased in width, so has the width of speed cushions and in Section 1 we include 8 speed cushion proposals with speed cushions of 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0m widths, leaving people cycling with the choice of either cycling up and over the speed cushion at a sensible distance from the kerb of 1.0m or in the gap at the kerb, as narrow as 0.5m in many cases, or out in the middle of the road.
Since 18 August last year GoBike has received 20 proposals for traffic calming, primarily on residential streets, in Glasgow using speed cushions, but not one for modal filters to prevent through motor traffic. It is motor traffic that causes deaths and injuries on our roads, with 160 deaths in Scotland recorded in 2018 and many more people injured, yet active travel, particularly in the more deprived areas of the city, fails to get the infrastructure it needs. Speed cushions are tinkering at the edges and a Scotland-wide political solution is required to make our neighbourhoods safe and pleasant for us all.

This isn’t all about speed cushions, though, so do please read on.

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