Is it a bike lane, a wider footway or a parking space?

On Tuesday GoBike published its latest Consultation Digest including details of work brought forward around Glasgow’s George Square to reduce private motor traffic 7am to 7pm and also measures to allow space for social distancing. But what’s the reality?

GoBike member, Peter, was out and about in the city centre this week and has sent in these disturbing pictures:

It’s not clear what the purpose is of these closed off lanes. Are they just for pedestrian overspill or meant to be cycle lanes; or both? This bit on St Vincent Street didn’t seem accessible or much use and yet this is a busy street and needs a cycle lane.

Ah, perhaps this is what the barriers are for – for drivers to adjust them to suit their parking requirements?

Ah, it’s much easier to move the traffic cones, as has been done here on Hope Street near the junction with Renfrew Street.

Is this a cycle lane or pedestrian overspill – allowing for when the pub on this corner of George Square opens soon?

And just looking down Queen Street from the previous picture, more “parking places” protected by cones.

On the other side of George Square, just how does one cycle up North Hanover Street? Why’s our lane blocked off?

And look, the promised ability, as per the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order that GoBike commented on, to cycle in front of City Chambers and around the square has been stopped. Why?

This looks good: is it a new cycle lane to help residents and visitors alike to cycle away from Central Station down Union Street and on to their destination? Let’s hope so!

Oh no, it’s just an elongated taxi rank with what looks like a bit of private motor parking thrown in. Och well, we’ll just have to keep braving the buses and taxis.

As if all that wasn’t enough, what about the on-off cycle lane on Dumbreck Road? Some of you might have seen this failure to provide a competent bit of infrastructure as reported by the Evening Times and

Initially created as a coned trial lane, when the cones first disappeared a week ago (and the paint remained) Glasgow City Council told us that the cones would be reinstated, but one week on, they are now saying that they won’t be reinstating the cones “for the safety of all users”!! Clearly not the safety of road users on bikes!

It has also emerged that the way the council have removed this section of the lane goes against agreed policy.

Our council have declared a climate emergency and should be working to transport hierarchy principles, creating a safe network for active travel. Removing protected cycle lanes that have used spend and resource time is not that. Glasgow city council must redesign this lane safely and do it now.

And they try to tell us that painted lines on our roads make for safe cycling?

We know it’s a difficult time but surely the life of people walking and cycling should not be put at risk in this way. Could Glasgow City Council please make it clear where people may go, whether they are walking, cycling or driving?