Sunday 03 October – GoBike cycles the south and south-west of Glasgow

Join us on Sunday, 10:00, for a 15 mile tour of the south and south-west of Glasgow. We meet at the north end of Bell’s Bridge and if you don’t know that part of the city too well or haven’t seen the changes to the cycle infrastructure or just want a bit of fresh air before the rest of your Sunday, then this is the ride for you.

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Tales told by Tactiles

GoBike committee member, Brenda, has turned her attention to the theory and practice of tactiles; you might remember that, just over a year ago, she gave us the conundrums of contraflow cycling? Now you can read, and learn, about tactiles.

Tactiles – those patterned square slabs set into pavements and paths – are there to give messages to people with visual impairments. Different patterns, different messages. Some of them carry messages about cycle infrastructure. Glasgow is using these incorrectly so often that using them at all is a waste of money. Read on to find out how and why.

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Not 1, but 3, Infrastructure Rides for January!

Many of us have sorely missed the monthly GoBike rides, planned and led by Andy Preece, but cancelled to prevent the spread of Covid 19, in line with government restrictions. However, we have an abundance of new infrastructure in Glasgow because of these very restrictions (although, sadly, some of it might only be temporary – unless we campaign to keep it!)
To encourage us all to get out to see these new facilities we are delighted and very grateful that Andy has come up with not one, but three rides.

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Consultation Digest (National) Issue 1, 13 November 2020: A few days left to respond to the Infrastructure Investment Plan

Welcome to the first Go Bike National Consultation Digest, written by Jim Densham, a monthly round up of current and forthcoming consultations from Scotland and the UK. Because of Covid there was a big pause in usual government work over the spring and summer, but since September there has been a flurry of consultations. This is likely to continue into the new year as the SNP government tries to get as much work done as possible before parliament is dissolved in late March and campaigning properly kicks off for the Holyrood 2021 elections.

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#Spacefordistancing Has Just Got Real

GoBike welcomes Glasgow City Council’s announcement that they are going to be making improvements to enable people walking, wheeling and cycling to keep at a safe distance in the city.

The creation of temporary cycle lanes has been rolled out by many cities over the world, in response to Covid-19. It is heartening to see that Scotland’s main cities are following suit.

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‘Cycle out with GoBike: Sunday 3 November – The White Cart Wanderer

Sunday 3 November – The White Cart Wanderer
We will head to Renfrew before loosely following the White Cart upstream to Linn Park. Attractions en route include the Inchinnan Bascule Bridge, Paisley Abbey, Anchor Mill, Pollok Park and the Snuff Mill Bridge. On the way to Renfrew we’ll have a look at some new cycle infrastructure in Govan.

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Dumbarton Loop – ride out this Sunday with GoBike for a 35 mile tour.

Sunday 6 October – Dumbarton Loop
We will head out of Glasgow along the Loch Lomond Railway Path, but only as far as Dumbarton. After the lunch stop there will be a tour around the Dumbarton area to see some of the local attractions, including passing Strathleven House, before returning to Glasgow.
35 miles, largely on the flat.
Meet 10am Bell’s Bridge, Congress Road, Glasgow.

More details of GoBike Rides are on the Rides page on our website.


Get out on your bike with GoBike, Sunday 01 September. Explore south of Glasgow to Strathaven.

Sunday 1 September – Strathaven Circular
Strathaven is a popular destination and our cycle ride this month will take a circular route out through Eaglesham and back via High Blantyre, with a lunch stop at Strathaven.
45 miles, including some short but steep climbs.
Meet 10am Bell’s Bridge, Congress Road, Glasgow.

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