Garnethill, car parking but no cycle contraflow – Public Exhibition on Parking Controls Thursday 22 and Saturday 24 March 2018

Just in from Green Councillor, Bailie Christy Mearns, is the news that there are public consultation events this coming Thursday, 22 March, 2pm – 8pm and Saturday 24 March, 12pm – 4pm at the Garnethill
Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose Street G3 6RE (just along from the GFT), see this letter for details: Letter to Affected Area – Public Exhibition letter

Christy was the first City Councillor to meet us for the tours that we did last year, and are continuing this year.  She shares our concern that cycling is not included in considerations for allowing parking and making streets one way; most of Garnethill is one-way.  She has, she told us in the e-mail to us, “managed to get a question added on cycling so as to broaden the conversation to include not only the resident car lobby. I hope your members might be able to join, to amplify the voice of cyclists on the need for cycle infrastructure, not just car parking spaces. I will let GSA know as well.”

Please get along to the exhibition if you live, work or cycle in Garnethill.  With the School of Art, the Dental Hospital, the schools and all the tenement properties in the area, this is an area crying out for good cycle facilities – who wants to cycle 3 sides of a block in an area noted for its hills when there should be legal contraflow cycling?