Consultation Extra: Glasgow – East City Way

Consultation for the up coming East City Way closes on Wednesday 10th of October so don’t miss out on putting forward your views. The East City Way will ultimately be a 7km fully bidirectional segregated cycle lane running from Mount Vernon up to the existing lane on London Road. We have been really pleased to see more safe segregated cycle lanes being proposed for Glasgow, and especially glad to see this now happening in the under provided for area of the east end. Plans for segregated cycle lanes always need our support and so if you have a couple of minutes, please fill out a really quick response here.

The survey is very simple with only around four check boxes asking whether you are in favour of certain aspects of the plans. We have answered yes to all of those and have added that we feel that if traffic calming is added, that it should be in conjunction with making the area a 20 mph zone with associated enforcement.

We have also sent in this letter of support which also makes a couple of suggestions on how the current Mount Vernon junction might be improved for cycles crossing. We have also reiterated that while we would never object to bidirectional cycle lanes, and appreciate that gathering support for them is easier, we hope that uni-directional lanes are always considered as the first, safest, and best quality option.