Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 95, 16 September 2021

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You’ll notice some changes to this Digest to make it quicker to read (and for your author to produce). This has been dictated by circumstances (lack of holiday cover). However, it will act as a pilot and some aspects may be retained longer term. 

This slimmed down version of the Digest is based loosely on a ‘listings’ directory and removes the (usually empty) ‘Forthcoming consultations’ section. In future, if anything is forthcoming it will be mentioned in this intro, as follows.

Forthcoming consultations: Liveable Neighbourhoods pilot areas  – consultation expected within the next month or so. 

Section 1: Current Consultations
(in date order for responses)

1.1: Ayr Road (A77): Spaces for People, Phase 2

Council: East Renfrewshire.
Area: Ayr Rd through Newton Mearns.
Phase 2 consultation about replacing the phase 1 cones with light segregation.
First covered: Digest 91, Item 1.5.
Website link: ERC Ayr Road Phase 2 Commonplace page.
Deadline: No obvious deadline on this one (still seems to be open).

1.2: Active Travel Discussion 

Council: East Dunbartonshire.
Subject: Active travel in the local authority area.
First covered: Digest 86, Item 1.2.
Website link: EDC Active Travel Discussion page
Deadline: 28 September.

1.3: Linnhe Avenue, Ochil Road & Thrums Avenue, Bishopbriggs TRO – Waiting & Loading Restrictions

Map of streets affected by the traffic order (click to enlarge)

Council: East Dunbartonshire.
Area: Bishopbriggs.
Subject: Waiting and loading restrictions.
Website links: Notice and Combined documents
 1 October.

1.4: Secure City Centre Cycle Parking Survey

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: Secure cycle parking at city centre travel hubs and places of employment.
First covered: Digest 94, Item 1.10.
Website link: GCC city centre cycle parking consultation page and cycle parking survey
Deadline: 3 October.

1.5: Helensburgh to Garelochhead active travel route

Example cycleway treatments on sections of Helensburgh to Garelochhead active travel route
Example cycleway treatments on sections of Helensburgh to Garelochhead active travel route (click to enlarge)

Council: Argyll and Bute.
Area: Gare Loch east shore (A814/B872).
Subject: Active travel route between Helensburgh and Garelochhead (by Faslane naval base).
Website link: Helensburgh to Garelochhead active travel consultation.
Deadline: No obvious deadline.

1.6: Rethink Glasgow

Organisations: Lateral North/OnePlanet/After The Pandemic
Area: Glasgow.
Subject: A “region-wide conversation to re-think a new vision for Glasgow’s future”.
Website link: Rethink Glasgow, Commonplace site
Deadline: No obvious deadline.

Section 2: Consultation Feedback

2.1: Malls Mire newsletter

Malls Mire map
Map of the Malls Mire site

Organisation: Urban Roots.
Area: Toryglen, Glasgow/Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.
Subject: Malls Mire Community Woodland is now open!
Website link: Malls Mire newsletter, August 2021.

2.2: Spaces for People – committee vote on retaining measures

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: Most of the temporary Spaces for People active travel measures will be made into permanent infrastructure. This includes all cycle routes, most city centre measures, all neighbourhood measures and one neighbourhood pavement widening (Kelvin Way).
First covered: Digest 87, Item 1.3.
Website link: GCC article on Spaces for People decision.

2.3: COP26 Active Travel route closures

Council: Glasgow City.
Subject: GoBike have had messages from ‘Get Ready Glasgow’ about access around COP26 and mistakes in their map showing diversions. Also, we’re due to present our petition (about keeping active travel paths open around COP26) to a council committee next week.
First covered: Digest 94, Item 1.2.
Website links: GoBike COP26 webpage and GoBike twitter account.

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