Consultation Digest Issue 20, 23 October 2018: Barrhead travel routes, traffic plans for the new Robroyston Railway Station, Open Space Strategy for Glasgow and a couple of reminders

A reminder that the Barrhead South Travel Links Consultation event is tomorrow 24th October (see 1.1 below), and among other things we also have exciting news with the potential for good active travel links at the new station proposed for Robroyston.


Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. **NEW** East Renfrewshire, South Barrhead Transport Accessibility Study, consultation event 24 October, responses close 31 October
  2. UK Government, Department of Transport, Open Consultation, New Cycling Offences, Causing Death or Serious Injury while Cycling, FINAL REMINDER, closes 05 November
  3. South West Scotland Transport Study, closes 16 November
  4. **NEW** Station Road, Millerston – Robroyston, closes 21 November
  5. **NEW** Glasgow, Open Space Strategy, closes 10 December

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

  1. Glasgow, Battlefield Working Group, 24 October
  2. Safer Streets Pollokshields, 25 October
  3. Strathclyde Passenger Transport Active Travel Workshop

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Celtic Park and Emirates Stadium, Event Day parking restrictions

Section 1: Current Consultations, in date order for action and responses

1.1 East Renfrewshire, South Barrhead Transport Accessibility Study, event TOMORROW, responses close 31  October

As we detailed in our Consultation Extra on 16 October, this is the twitter message we got from East Ren:

We want to make travelling within East Ren easier, ensuring communities are connected to services, leisure and jobs. Help identify improvements to transport links in Barrhead on our interactive map  or drop-in to our event at Barrhead Foundry, 24 Oct, 4-8pm ”

If you can, please do get along to see the plans and talk to staff tomorrow, but if not, take a look at the interactive map and put your comments in.

1.2 UK Government, Department of Transport, Open Consultation, New Cycling Offences, Causing Death or Serious Injury while Cycling, FINAL REMINDER, closes 05 November

This was reported first in our Digest17 and we strongly encourage you to respond to this before the closing date in just under two weeks. It is proposed that new cycling offences are introduced, with no consideration of offences for careless or dangerous driving. All road traffic offences need a rethink, so do please submit your views with that in mind.

1.3 South West Scotland Transport Study, closes 16 November


We reported this two weeks ago in Digest 19 and it’s one you may wish to respond to. Better transport links to and within South West Scotland would allow many more of us to tour the area by bike.


1.4 **NEW** Station Road, Millerston – Robroyston, parking restrictions

This is a rather inauspicious start to what could be a big improvement in active travel in Millerston and Robroyston. Plans are afoot for a new Robroyston Railway Station on the Cumbernauld Line, between Stepps and Springburn. Glasgow City Council are making plans for access to the new station – we received this e-mail on 10 October:


Dear Sir / Madam


 The Council propose to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Regulation Order.

Please find enclosed a copy of the press notice of the proposed Order, relevant map, statement of reasons and detailed report.

 Details of the proposals will also be available on the Glasgow City Council website at                                                                        As stated in the attached documentation, any person wishing to object to the proposed Order should send details of the ground for their objection in writing to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure and Environment, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or by email to by Wednesday 21st November 2018.

Yours faithfully

Andy Waddell”

Not a lot of information there but the attachments mentioned are here (Statement of Reasons),  here (Draft Report)  here (Notice of Proposals) and here (Traffic Regulation Order). From these documents it may be seen that the proposal is to ban parking and loading along the west side of Station Road, and along part of the east side and some adjacent streets. The purpose of this is to prevent Station Road form becoming a linear car park for the station. We fully support this and we have sent in this letter: GoBike Station Road Support and comments Letter 171018

What you might notice though on the left hand photo above, Station Road is wide, with four lanes at the south end junction with Cumbernauld Road, and it’s quite straight. It’s an invitation, isn’t it, for a driver to put the foot down, particularly if running late for a train?

We are also aware of the new Seven Lochs Wetland Trail, a walking and cycling route that runs east from Hogganfield Park to Drumpellier Park, and it would be much easier to access from Robroyston Station than from Stepps if good quality cycle infrastructure were provided. So that is just what we have suggested as comments in addition to our support in our letter. We hope that you will support this and send your views in to encourage opening up this part of the east end of the city to active travel.

1.5 Glasgow, Open Space Strategy, closes 10 December


This consultation here, is one you may be interested in, or you may wish to forward the link to your Community Council. I got the link from John, a GoBike committee member, who had posted it to our Community Council. It’s a high-level look at open spaces, not the day-to-day management of our parks.


Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations.

2.1 Glasgow, Battlefield Working Group, 24 October

GoBike will be represented at the first meeting of this group, called by Sustrans, to look at development of the plans shown on 04 September and included in the public consultation that ran until 30 September.

2.2 Safer Streets Pollokshields, 25 October

We reported to you in the last Digest, Digest 19 about proposals for Albert Drive in Pollokshields. The wider Pollokshields area is now to be considered, and GoBike will be represented at a meeting of community organisations and Sustrans on 25 October.

2.3 Strathclyde Passenger Transport Active Travel Workshop

News just in: GoBike has been invited to attend a workshop, to take place later this month or early next month to look at SPT’s new Regional Transport Strategy and insert an active travel perspective.

We’ll give you feedback on all these initiatives in forthcoming Digests.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1 Celtic Park and Emirates Stadium, Event Day parking restrictions

We supported these restrictions back in May with this letter: GoBike Celtic Park Event parking letter 290518 and we have now been sent this reply:


Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above named Traffic Regulation Order.

With regards to the provision of a Nextbike station at the venue, Glasgow City Council has a planned roll out of hire locations over the next 6 years, due to the close proximity of the location at Emirates Arena, Celtic Park does not meet the guidelines for a publically funded station and as such will not be part of the City Council’s expansion. It is also worth noting that as the land is private the City Council does not have the permissions to install a hire facility at this location. Alternatively the operational contract for Nextbike allows the operator to engage directly with private groups / firms to purchase a hire station and have it located on their property, this has already been done in several locations within Glasgow and is an option open to Celtic FC.

Regarding the segregated cycle way at Bridgeton Station to Celtic Park, this does not form part of this consultation.

Your support will be considered and included within the final report which will inform the decision. Once a decision has been taken in regards to these proposals I shall write to you again and advise of the outcome.

Yours sincerely

Christine Francis

Divisional Manager, Technical Services, Land and Environmental Services”

So there’s a challenge for any Celtic Supporters out there – get Celtic FC to fund a NextBike station, so that you may cycle to the ground and back, without taking your best bike with you!

Good to see, as we reported last month, in Digest 18 that the City Council is now looking to provide a segregated cycle way in the east of the city for any CFC supporters to pedal their way to Paradise.

Take care as the nights draw in, and don’t upset any of those car drivers out there by not having lights on your bike.