Consultation Digest Issue 16, 21 August 2018: Activity in Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland and the UK

The schools are back, the roads are busy, but unfortunately not many parents and carers cycle with their children to school, so do please respond to the Glasgow North East Travel Routes Consultation that closes tomorrow and the other consultations listed that will make it easier for us all to get around by bike.


Section 1:  Current Consultations

  1. Glasgow North East Travel Routes, closes tomorrow, 22 August
  2. UK Government, Department of Transport, Future of Mobility Call for Evidence, closes 10 September
  3. **NEW** Newdyke Road, Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, Proposed Flat Top Speed Tables, closes 21 September
  4. **NEW** George Square, Glasgow, closure to traffic, closes 24 September
  5. A Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland, closes 25 September

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations – we’ve drawn a blank on this again.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Buchanan Wharf Development Glasgow
  2. Living Streets Pavement Parking, closes 28 September

Section 1: Current Consultations – in date order for response

1.1  Glasgow North East Travel Routes, closes TOMORROW, 22 August

Do please reply to this consultation.  We gave details in Digest 15 two weeks ago but since then we have had the benefit of the consultation event held on 08 August.  The plans are not perfect, but they are ambitious, proposing a continuous route from Balornock to the city centre.  The existing cycle lanes are to be upgraded with segregation from motor traffic.  There are points still to be resolved, such as the crossing of Springburn Road, which we point out in our letter of response, GoBike NE Active Travel Routes comments 190818 but overall we are in favour of the proposals.  The consultation is here and the short survey is at the end.  It’s easy to do so please fill it out.

1.2  UK Government, Department of Transport, Future of Mobility Call for Evidence, closes 10 September

We listed this in Digest 15 and although it’s quite a long survey it does seem to use non-car terminology, so please respond if you can.  The link to the survey information is here and the actual survey is here.

1.3 **NEW** Newdyke Road, Kirkintilloch, EDC, Proposed Flat Top Speed Tables, closes 21 September

East Dunbartonshire Council proposes to install 2 flat top speed tables on Newdyke Road at the junctions with Newdyke Avenue and Ivanhoe Drive in the residential area of Hillhead in Kirkintilloch.  The speed limit is currently 30mph, although 15% of vehicles exceed this and Hillhead Primary School is between Newdyke Avenue and Ivanhoe Drive.  Full details are in this letter they sent us – yes, by post: Newdyke Rd EDC speed tables and this seems to be a sensible proposal to support.  If you have a connection to the area please do respond.

1.4 **NEW** George Square, Glasgow, permanent closure of the square, closes 24 September

Glasgow City Council proposes to permanently close George Square to traffic, further to the short-term closure for the European Championships earlier this month.  The proposals are somewhat vague, with the word on the street being that the north side of the square will remain open to buses and taxis, and with no mention of cycles.  It’s a very short questionnaire but there is room for comments, so please add some to support active travel.  Please do respond so that we can get a reduction in pollution from motor traffic in the city centre.  The survey is here.

1.5 A Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland, closes 25 September

A reminder about this survey, which we detailed in Digest 15 .  A deposit return scheme will encourage people to return their bottles – or to collect bottles to return – reducing the chance of us cycling over broken glass.  Friends of the Earth Scotland have analysed the proposals and have produced a handy guide to completing the survey (wish I’d seen it before I filled it in!) which contains a link to the survey, here.  You can choose their 5 minute or 15 minute option to completing the survey – please do respond.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1  Buchanan Wharf, Glasgow, redevelopment

We published the details for this proposed redevelopment on the south bank of the Clyde in Digest 14 .  Soon after the consultation closed 2 weeks ago we heard back from the Consultant Engineer dealing with the scheme.  We are invited to a meeting, date yet to be confirmed, with the Consultant and Sustrans, which is good news.  Even better, though, is the verbal confirmation that the South West City Way is in no danger from the proposals – but we’ll be checking this out.

3.2   Living Streets call for a ban on Pavement Parking, closes 28 September

We included this in Digest 15 and we do hope that you have supported Living Streets to ensure there is no ambiguity in the forthcoming legislation.  The link to the appropriate section of their website is here.


That’s a few surveys for you to respond to, and we’ll be back in two weeks with some reminders and perhaps some new information for you.  Take care when out on your bike.