Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 84, 13 April 2021

A handful of consultations and the latest on Spaces for People.

This is the second Digest during the pre-election period so things are still a bit quiet. This Digest is mostly about Glasgow with a wee bit from North Ayrshire and East Dunbartonshire.

Again, this Digest features an update about recent infrastructure developments. This time focusing on Glasgow’s latest Spaces for People measures (following on from Howard St last time). A few new lanes are going in Pollok and some in the north east of the city. The city centre has some new planter boxes and should get another new lane (eventually).

Glasgow Spaces for People Update

Barriers Overload Update

Dawsholm Park barriers – three(!) sets added to new path.

(new consultations in bold – link jumps to article)

Section 1: Current Consultations

  1. Ardrossan Connections – Design Festival (workshops 14/21 April)
  2. Glasgow City Council – (Y)our City Centre Districts, (Y)our Ideas & Proposals Workshops (22/26 April)
  3. East Dunbartonshire Council – Climate Conversation (online event 22 April)
  4. Maryhill North Transformational Regeneration Area – Masterplan consultation (ends 23 April)
  5. Glasgow Urban Sports – GUSM74 Urban Sports Sculpture Park survey

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

None this time.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

  1. Malls Mire newsletter – March 2021

Section 1: Current Consultations
(in date order for responses)

1.1: Ardrossan Connections – Design Festival

Illustration of key areas of Ardrossan (looking south)

First covered in Digest 78 (1.2), Ardrossan Connections is about improving links and public spaces in the Ayrshire coastal town. See the webpage about the project or information boards for more background or view comments on the Ardrossan Commonplace map.

The latest phase of the project is a ‘Design Festival’ from 7–27 April. In other words, some design workshops (announced just after the last Digest). GoBike members will probably be more interested in the ‘Connections’ design workshops on 14 and 21 April. There are also ‘Placemaking’ workshops on 20 and 26 April. Each workshop is shown on the Design Festival page – click the one you want to go to its sign-up link.

Alternatively, if you can’t make any of the workshops, you might be able to use the Ardrossan ‘padlet’ to add a design idea as a pin on the map (zoom in – a lot!).

1.2: Glasgow City Council – (Y)our City Centre Districts, (Y)our Ideas & Proposals Workshops

Map of (Y)our City Centre Districts with current phase highlighted (Cowcaddens, Townhead, 'Learning Quarter and Merchant City)
Map of (Y)our City Centre Districts with current phase highlighted

The city centre districts projects have been featured several times, including Digest 74, 1.2. These are about major regeneration, with an emphasis on transport and community. The four districts being consulted on in this phase are Cowcaddens, Townhead, Merchant City and ‘Learning Quarter’ (Cathedral St, etc.). The districts Commonplace map is still open but the focus will be on the outcome of the latest workshops.

Proposals Workshops are coming up for Merchant City on 22 April and ‘Learning Quarter’ on 26 April. Timetables for each online event are on the City Centre Strategy workshops page.

Cowcaddens and Townhead have already had their workshops. The same webpage showcases the themes which came out of those. ‘(Y)our Ideas’, are numbered – clicking each takes you to a PDF summary about it. Underneath the themes is a button to a survey – it asks which ideas you see as highest priority.

In due course, a similar setup will probably appear for Merchant City/’Learning Quarter’ after their workshops.

1.3: East Dunbartonshire Council – Climate Conversation 

This initiative was first covered in Digest 82, Item 1.7. East Dunbartonshire Council didn’t apply for Spaces for People funding but sustainable transport is part of their Climate Conversation webpage. Subsequently, this will feed into three future consultations on the environment, including a new Active Travel Strategy.

The last of their Climate Conversation events is on 22 April (online, using MS Teams). The overall Climate Conversation itself will run until 2 May 2021.

1.4: Maryhill North Transformational Regeneration Area – Masterplan consultation 

Maryhill TRA – Kilmun St visual
Kimun St visual – new housing and landscaping but no new pavements?

As mentioned in Digest 83, Item 1.4, this regeneration project is looking at housing and public spaces in Gilshochill, south of Summerston train station.

There are many visualisations on the Maryhill North consultation page, most of which look promising. However, there are some very sharp angles in the zigzag paths, which don’t look very bike-friendly (as seen in the feature photo at the top of this Digest). Also, some of the realigned streets appear to be ‘shared space’, without any pavements. The theory behind shared space is that drivers pay more attention if pavements and markings are removed. However, the reality is often pedestrians get startled by cars and have to dart out the way (or in this case, dive into a hedge!).

If you want to comment on the TRA plans, you have to register first on the above page. Consultation closes on 23 April.

1.5: Glasgow Urban Sports – GUSM74 Urban Sports Sculpture Park survey

A few comments in the city centre districts Commonplace map ask about more space for skaters. GUS’s M74 skatepark project would provide that under a flyover near West St subway station. First covered in Digest 81, Item 1.9, the GUSM74 survey is still open for BMX riders, skaters, or their families, to have their say about the park.

Section 2: Forthcoming Consultations

None this time.

Section 3: Consultation Feedback

3.1: Malls Mire newsletter – March 2021

The first issue of this newsletter featured in Digest 74, Item 3.4. The Malls Mire project is creating play areas and woodland paths between Toryglen and Rutherglen.

The March 2021 newsletter covers the latest construction news about the bike pump track, playgrounds, landscaping and more. See further background about the project on Clyde Gateway’s Malls Mire webpage.