Consultations Digest Issue 7, 17 April 2018 – Development coming to Tradeston and Clyde Place

It looks as if Tradeston is about to be developed/changed/built up and changes are proposed to the roads there to allow for the construction; details below.

1. Current Consultations

1.1 Tradeston and the South-West City Way, closes 04 May

We have received notification from Glasgow City Council of road changes to allow for construction in Tradeston.  Here is some of the information contained in the Press Advert:

“Clyde Place, Tradeston (traffic management) order 201_
Glasgow City Council proposes to consider the introduction of the above named Traffic Regulation Order in terms of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
The proposal is to stop up West Street/Clyde Place between Riverview Gardens and Commerce Street, Tradeston Street and Centre Street between Kingston Street and Clyde Place to facilitate the future development of the area bounded by Clyde Place, Commerce Street, Kingston Street and West Street. The stopping up will be undertaken under the planning process however motor vehicle access will be prohibited under this Order.
The roads affected by these proposals are bounded by:
The River Clyde to the north; Bridge Street to the east; Cook Street to the south and West Street to the west.
The list of roads affected by these proposals are:
Bridge Street, Centre Street, Clyde Place, Commerce Street, Kingston Street, Nelson Street, Service Road 1 (formerly Tradeston Street between Kingston Street and Clyde Place), Service Road 2 (formerly Centre Street between Kingston Street and Clyde Place), Tradeston Street, Wallace Street and West Street.”

The only mention of the South-West City Way cycle route is in Item 7 of the notice:

“7. Extension of the existing segregated two-way
cycleway on the east side of West Street between Kingston Street and Riverview Gardens”

From the plan, 1 of 2, it looks as if the cycleway extension on the east side of West Street will allow cycles access between Scotland Street, West Street and Clyde Place, while a crossing will be installed across the entrance to Riverview Gardens to maintain cycle and pedestrian access to the footway and segregated cycleway on the north side of Paisley Road towards the Kingston Bridge.  All the documents issued by GCC are here: 11.01 – Publication of Proposals – Press Notice (Advertised 13.04.2018)  TRO_2017_013-002 – Clyde Place, Tradeston (Publication) (1 of 2)  TRO_2017_013-002 – Clyde Place, Tradeston (Publication) (2 of 2)  09 – Draft Report  09.01 – Frequently Asked Questions  08 – Statement of Reasons

We have asked for a full-size copy of the 2 drawings and, once we have considered these, we hope to have a meeting with the relevant staff to ensure that opportunities for cycling are exploited to the full, but do have a look at the documents yourself and get your response in to in good time for 04 May.

1.2 Lenzie Station parking survey, closes 20 April

If you live in or near Lenzie Railway Station or cycle near there, you might be interested in this survey on parking:

1.3  Consultations ongoing from Digest 6, the Saltmarket and The UK Government has called for evidence on cycle safety

Glasgow High Street/Saltmarket Action Plan, closes 07 May, details here:

The UK Government’s call for evidence on cycle safety, closes 01 June, see:

Do please have a look at both of these and get your views in.

2. Upcoming Consultations

2.1  Byres Road


We are expecting this consultation any day soon and we will let you know as soon as it’s out.  You can also see our friends in Space for People Byres Road are busy looking at what is needed to improve the street.


3. Consultations Feedback

In our last digest we told you that two of us toured from the Clyde Arc (Squinty) Bridge to the exit from the southbound Clyde Cycle Tunnel with two members of staff from Glasgow City Council.  Here’s the letter we have sent today to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure Services at the Council:   GoBikeFastlinkImprovementConcernsLetter170418  In brief, we were not impressed!  There had been no consultation on these works when one of our members noticed activity on site last September; her concern led to this letter that we submitted last October:  GoBikeFastlinkImprovementConcernsLetter251017   

More consultation news in 2 weeks, when it will be May.  Let’s hope for good weather so that we can enjoy our cycling even more.