University Avenue #paintisnotprotection – Today at Noon

Come along to the GoBike #paintisnotprotection protest on University Avenue, today Sunday 10th February, at 12:00 noon, gathering outside the Wolfson Medical Building.

We are going to create a human cycle lane along University Avenue to highlight the desire for segregated cycle infrastructure, on this important route. This is missing from the current University plans to develop the road.

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How the other 50% gets around

GoBike calls for a drastic overhaul on gritting priorities from Glasgow City Council. Almost 50% of Glaswegians don’t have access to a private car. For them walking and cycling is not active travel, but is how they get around. Transport Poverty is a real factor to a number of people in this city.

Last week saw ice return to Glasgow. At the same time the focus of getting Glaswgians to participate in active travel seemed to go out of the window. Footpath and cycle lanes were ice rinks. In the light of lots of disquiet from our members about the unjust priorities the council have set for gritting, we have decided it is time for action.

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Riverside Path Fun Runs

Glasgow City Council regularly get enquiries from conference companies looking to organise fun runs on the Clyde Walkway/NCN 7. This is often in relation to medical conferences taking place at the SEC. With runs between the SEC and the Riverside Museum the most poplar requested.

Running is covered by access rights. So companies are allowed to hold such events, provided they minimise any impacts on other users. On this basis and to keep you informed, the council have advised the organisers the following:

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GoBike Call for Action Day – One Week To Go!

We are excited that there is only one week to go until our 2nd annual Call for Action Day.

We’d love to have you along for the afternoon to hear about what GoBike has been doing over the past year, including info on projects that came out of the Call For Action day last year including:

Friends of South City Way

Cycle Desire Network Map


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Call For Action Day – 3 weeks to go – Book Now

Come along to the GoBike, Strathclyde Cycle Campaigns Call for Action day, where we will be showcasing our recent campaigning activity and successes and find out how you can get involved, as well as shape our current campaigns:

  • Our Byres Road Cycle Lanes Campaign
  • Councillor Tours
  • Friends of South City Way
  • Consultation Responses
  • #GlasgowCycleInfraDay2018
  • Friends of Bears Way

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Date for Diary: Call For Action 28th July

The second annual GoBike Call For Action day will be taking place on the 28th of July.

Last year’s event resulted in some amazing campaigns including the high profile #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 and the creation of Friends of South City Way.

This year find out how you can get involved in a number of exciting campaigns and activities to promote cycling:

  • Our Byres Road Cycle Lanes Campaign
  • Space for People Byres Road
  • Consultation Responses
  • Friends of South City Way
  • #GlasgowCycleInfraDay2018
  • Pot Hole Golf
  • Friends of Bears Way
  • Councillor Tours

The event will take place from 13:30 to 16:30 on Saturday 28th July in Glasgow.

We will have an announcement soon on the venue, as well as the ability to book via Eventbrite but for now, stick 28th July in your diaries!

#iloh the Good

As cycle campaigners, it is often the bad and dangerous, or more often than not, the lack of cycling infrastructure that we shout about.  However, there is also some infrastructure around that we actually really do like, and would love to see more of.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain updated their Insert Loved One Here image creator, to enable people to show their love for genuinely good cycling infrastructure. Here in Glasgow, we decided to take make this physical, and had some stencils created with a love heart and the #iloh hashtag. An intrepid group of GoBike volunteers took to the rather chilly streets on the evening of the 13th of February, so that Glasgow could wake up the next morning to find a little bit of cycling infrastructure love. Here, we show you the bits we chose and why. Continue reading “#iloh the Good”

#iloh – The Dangerous

On Friday the 9th of February a number of intrepid GoBike members took to the streets of Glasgow, the purpose being to bring the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s Insert Loved One Here #iloh social media campaign into the physical world.



Armed with bright orange spray chalk and some laser cut stencils, two teams adventured on their bikes to the roads of Glasgow.

Tonights aim was to highlight some sections of infrastructure we have that are not just bad but are actually dangerous. Here’s a run down of some of the areas we tagged. Continue reading “#iloh – The Dangerous”