GoBike Annual General Meeting – one week to go!

Only one week to go until the GoBike 2022 Annual General Meeting. The AGM is open to all so why not come along and join us!

This years AGM will take place at 10:30am on Saturday 3 June 2023 at the Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU 

We are gathering during Volunteers Week (1 – 7 June) so join us to celebrate all the achievements that GoBike volunteers have made over the past few years!

It is free to attend and it would be great if you could book your place via Eventbrite. And please take a few minutes to have your say on our campaign review too.

If you’d be interested in joining the committee please email convenor (at) gobike.org.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

GoBike Committee

GoBike Annual General Meeting and Campaign Day

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The GoBike 2022 Annual General Meeting will take place at 

10:30am on Saturday 3 June 2023 

at the Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU 

The AGM which has been slightly delayed since November last year will be a great opportunity for members and others to hear what GoBike has been up to over the past couple of years and importantly have your input into what GoBike should be focusing on over the next few years.

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The future of GoBike as a campaign is sadly currently hanging in the balance.

As a group of prior caretakers of the campaign, we hope you don’t mind us contacting you to see whether you might be able to give some time to GoBike.

We have no one actively running GoBike. The volunteers who have helped run this campaign over the last many, many years have gradually stepped back to the point where we now have no caretaker group running the campaign. We are currently in the position where we don’t have anyone to lead / chair, or to keep communications going to and from and within the campaign. Similarly, we don’t have anyone to carry out the treasurer’s role. 

Both of these roles are essential to a campaign with paid membership, and one with a good communications channel with the council and other related organisations. We have a great team keeping our consultations section ticking over, and we still have our monthly rides on the go.  However, we also need help with our social media, with campaign ideas and their organisation, and with other admin tasks.

Do you think you can help?


Thank you Tricia Fort!

Tonight at our AGM Tricia Fort, who has been instrumental for many many years to the GoBike campaign, stood down from her role on our committee. She has been a key component to GoBike, leading the campaign for many years, as well as fighting hard in keeping up our consultations aspect of the campaign. Tonight, she echoed her calls to other campaigners to step up and get more involved – and what better inspiration for us than Tricia’s footsteps. We will miss her dearly but knowing Tricia, we are sure that she is going to continue to give up her free time for many years to come to make Glasgow and in fact our world a better place.

Messages of thanks to Tricia have flooded in and so we wanted to share some of them here.

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2021 GoBike AGM – One Week To Go!

The 2021 GoBike AGM takes place in one week’s time on Tuesday 7th December at 7pm. This will be your opportunity to hear updates on our campaigning over the last year, and a chance to get more involved. You don’t have to be a member to come along – if you haven’t already registered please do so via Eventbrite to get your tickets, and to get access to the Zoom link.

Click to book your place at the 2021 AGM
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Have you got a couple of hours free every month? Would you like to make Greater Glasgow a nicer place to cycle around? If so we need you! GoBike is a volunteer organisation; none of us is paid, we get no public funding and any money we have comes from you, our members. We do what we do because we believe life will be better if we have better cycling infrastructure. Do please read on to see just how you, yes you, could help.


2020 Gobike AGM : Guest Speaker and Agenda

This year we are extremely pleased that Sarah Berry (@SarahJ_Berry), who is the co-chair Lambeth Living Streets and Car Dependency Campaigner, will be our Guest Speaker at the Gobike 2020 Public Meeting and AGM. Sarah will provide an insight to the campaign for everyday walking in Lambeth.


19:00 Welcome Opening of AGM

– Co-convenors welcome, apologies, quorum

– Approval of 2019 minutes

19:05 Treasurer’s report

19:15 The Co-convenors review of the year

19:45 Nomination to the Committee

19:50 Close AGM

19:50 Guest Speaker: Sarah Berry

20:30 Q&A

21:00 GoBike Public Meeting 2020 Closes

As with all things Covid our Public Meeting and AGM will be an online affair. To enable us to manage this feat we need everyone who is attending to register via Eventbrite. Please click on the link below and get your ticket.

Click to book your place at the 2020 AGM

For all those with tickets, a link and instructions on how to join the Public Meeting and AGM will be sent out shortly after.