GCC bus lanes: respond to the Review!

Bus lane Glasgow

Go Bike has responded to GCC’s request to review their proposals to standardise the operation times of all bus lanes in the city, with 3 options: peak time only, 7am to 7pm or 24/7.  The latter is our preferred option.  The proposals and our response may be seen here on the website.  Please add your voice and give your views and preferences as requested in the GCC proposals; it is important that the views of cyclists are heard – as well as the powerful bus, taxi and private car lobbies!

GCC – Anderston to Finnieston Cycle Route “Enhancements”


Glasgow City Council propose to “enhance” the cycle routes in the area from Anderston to the SECC.  While these proposals include some welcome upgrades, Go Bike objects to the proposal to use the footway on the east side of Finnieston Street as a shared pedestrian and cycle path – it is only 2m wide in places and their proposals do little to improve the cycle route past the Hilton Garden Hotel.  You can see the proposals and the Go Bike letter, which is also copied to the councillors for the area here. Please write in to the Council and/or to your councillors if you have concerns about the proposals.


Connect 2, flagship Glasgow Cycle Route – look what’s happening!

2014-11-17 12.08.412014-11-17 12.08.23

The flagship cycle route connecting Central Station with Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow hasn’t been open long and look what’s happening on Elderslie Street, between Houldsworth Street and St Vincent Street.  Yes, there’s a road coming out of the new flats and it’s now going right across the segregated cycle route!  Who will have priority here?  Was this done in conjunction with the cycling staff in the council?  Why wasn’t it done at the same time as the cycle route?  Why was this construction allowed?  Go Bike has today written to the councillors for the area, Anderston/City, to make them aware.  If you use this route you might also like to drop them a line.

Road Share – Protecting Vulnerable Road Users: rejected by the SNP!


At the SNP conference in Perth on Friday the proposal to adopt the principle of Presumed Liability was rejected, see the Herald of Saturday 15 November.  This is particularly disappointing since Go Bike is a supporter of Road Share and we had an excellent presentation from Brenda Mitchell of the campaign at our AGM on Wednesday 12 November.  If you are a member of the SNP please raise this topic at your next Branch Meeting, or if you are not, please write to your councillors and MSPs, of any and every party to support the campaign.


GCC: Proposed Newlands to Silverburn Cycling & Walking Route


Go Bike members have considered Glasgow City Council’s proposals for this route, and while some parts of the proposals are acceptable the council fails to address the Auldhouse Roundabout.  Our letter to the council, principally one of objection, may be found here on our website.  You may wish to submit a similar letter of comment or objection, or to contact the councillors for the area with any concerns you have.

Colleges Cycle Route Glasgow, meeting with Councillor Martha Wardrop

Councillors Headshots,Thursday 10th May.

3 members of the Go Bike committee met with Martha Wardrop, Green Party Councillor for Hillhead Ward last Friday (17 October) to discuss our concerns about proposed changes to the Colleges Cycle Route (see the earlier post of 01 October).  It was a very positive meeting; Martha has had concerns expressed from local traders as well as cyclists and other people in the area.

Go Bike response: Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2010 – 2020

Cycle near dooring then Tbone Colleges A Winter Oct14

Go Bike has responded to the request from Glasgow City Council, at the most recent Glasgow Cycling Forum meeting, to submit a response to Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2010 – 2020.  This document has, as its vision “Cycling will be the biggest participation activity in the City by 2020”.  Despite this ambitious vision, the City Council relies on external funding to deliver cycle infrastructure schemes, rather than dedicate a part of its budget!  Our response is: Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling – Go Bike Response Oct14

We will progress this at the next meeting of the Forum in December.