Consultation Digest (Local) Issue 92, 3 August 2021

Map showing the northern part of Strathclyde Country Park around the South Calder Water

Consultations dropping in from around Glasgow.

This Digest comes after Great Britain & Northern Ireland won a handful of cycling medals at Toyko 2020. One was for mountain biking while the rest were in BMX (where Sir Chris Hoy started). Both are covered by the Velo Park proposal from North Lanarkshire Council (but NLC have dropped the cycleway to Motherwell train station). There are also several consultations for East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow plus one for East Renfrewshire.

The ban on pavement parking was made law in the Scottish Parliament in 2019. Last year, GoBike wondered when it would come into force (Digest 65, Item 3.4) – it seems it’s due to be 2023. Living Streets want you to write to your MSPs about bringing it forward.

People of all abilities can cycle at facilities run by Freewheel North – who are trying to fundraise just now, in case you want to contribute.

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Consultation Digest Issue 61, 26 May 2020

There are 2 new items and the first is news of progress with the redevelopment of Motherwell Train Station, with a nod given to active travel – let’s hope it’s sufficient as more and more people take to walking and cycling and return to public transport, albeit with social distancing, rather than jumping in the car. Then there is a questionnaire for you.
Probably more important, though are Items 1.3 and 1.4 with significant questions on the impact of Covid 19. Do please respond to the well set-out surveys if you wish to see transport and travel improvements.

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Consultation Digest Issue 40, 06 August 2019

This Digest contains only one new consultation but it’s a big one, from Transport Scotland and there is a surprising amount of feedback, finishing with the excellent news that Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council have been successful in gaining funding for their cycling village. The picture heading this Digest shows the proposed new bridge over the Clyde, see Item 3.11.

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