Cycling and the Law – Cycle Law Scotland presentation 22 February QEUH, Glasgow 13:00hrs

If you missed the excellent Cycle Law Presentation at our AGM in November 2014, or you wish to get up-to-date with protecting cyclists on the road, and you are able to get to a daytime meeting, then get along to this free event, a talk by Brenda Mitchell of Cycle Law Scotland:

Happy New Year – and a salutary tale

Cyclists, including GoBike members, to the west of Glasgow, have erected a white bike at the junction of Great Western Road(A82) westbound and the slip road to the Erskine Bridge(A898) to commemorate 2 people who were killed in the latter part of 2016 while cycling on the A82 by motorists. The first cyclist, Allan Fleming, a 48 year old man from Clydebank, was killed on 4th September by an Asda lorry and the second cyclist, Allan Smith, a 58 year old man from Glasgow, was killed on 18th December by a car driven by an 83 year old man.

Details of the first incident are at:

Details of the second are at:

Police are appealing for witnesses to both these incidents.  Please contact them if you were in the area at the time of either.

Let’s hope we don’t have any similar incidents in 2017, but please do ensure that you report any cycling accidents involving injury to the police. Also make sure you get the assistance of an organisation such as CyclingUK or Cycle Law Scotland to pursue a claim against a motorist who has driven in such a way as to cause injury.  If we can take action against the non-fatal incidents then perhaps we can raise awareness and prevent the heartache and pain of fatalities.

Please enjoy your cycling in 2017 and do take action to improve conditions for cycling.