Consultation Digest Issue 52, 21 January 2020: Byres Road back in the news plus Glasgow takes an alphabetical approach to traffic calming!

Quite a bumper bundle for you today, but 2 of our significant concerns have raised their heads again. Firstly, side roads on cycle lanes – we need cycle lanes to continue across side roads, just as in the feature photo with this Digest. If a child in the Netherlands is able to cycle safely across a side road, a child in Glasgow should be able to too. Secondly, contraflow cycling – when cars are going too fast or more on-road parking is needed the first line of response is to make a street one-way, even for bikes. What have we done wrong? Why should we have to make big detours? Do read on for the details of all the current issues.

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** UPDATE 2 ** Side Streets

We have previously let you know about concerns arising around side street design in new schemes within Glasgow, and as detailed in our previous blogs, have been in touch with Sustrans and Glasgow City Council about the safety issues we feel are important to urgently address.

If you haven’t caught our discussions so far you can catch up here:

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Side Streets

We’ve had a lot of disquiet from our members this week about a side street that has been unveiled on the South City Way. While we do know and understand that our council is making great steps forward with schemes such as the SCW, and that UK design guidance on side street treatments has a long way to come, the safety of people cycling is at the heart of what we campaign for. We are so aware that side streets are a common source of collisions and so for the sake of safety, we want to work to get this right.

We’ve been in touch with GCC and Sustrans as follows, and will keep you updated on any progress.

Hi to our contacts in LES, Sustrans, and Cllr Richardson,

First of all thank you for the work you are doing to create safe places to cycle in Glasgow. We can see how hard everyone is working on getting this right, however we at GoBike wanted to get in touch to express our concerns about the designs on side streets that we are seeing emerging on the ground, particularly in reference to the most recently completed junction on the SCW at Turriff Street, but also in the wider context of other schemes in the planning stages.

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