Fastlink lanes on the Broomielaw – closed to buses!


The Herald reports today (02 November) that the Fastlink lanes on the Broomielaw in Glasgow have been closed to buses since 16 October following 2 pedestrians being knocked down, see: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/14836667.Fastlink_busway_closed_amid_fears_over_safety_of__pedestrians_using_smartphones_/

Of course, the pedestrians are being blamed, for wandering onto this empty carriageway using their mobile phones!  Glasgow City Council’s answer? To close this ill-designed road and to consider erecting railings!  When has any road been closed because a pedestrian has been knocked down?  This must be a first.  Why is the Council’s immediate response to think of railings?

Glasgow City Council has refused to allow bikes onto this section of Fastlink – and now the lanes are empty!

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