20mph in Glasgow: 4 days left to sign the petition!

Screenshot 2015-03-13 14.56.16

The petition closes in just 4 days, 16:57 on Tuesday 17 March.  Follow these easy steps to sign:

  1. If you live in Glasgow go to: https://www.glasgowconsult.co.uk/KMS/EpetitionHome.aspx?strTab=EPetitions&noip=1
  2. Click on “View and create petitions” to go to the next page.
  3. Click on the petition descriptor, in the centre of the right-hand for the petition signing screen.
  4. Fill in your details, click submit – and wait for the e-mail back.
  5. REPLY TO THE E-MAIL!  This confirms your signature and adds you to the list of signatories.

Please ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign as well.  If we can get the go-ahead for 20mph in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, it should be relatively easy to get this progressive measure approved in other parts of the Strathclyde area that GoBike covers.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGNED (or think you have), PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR NAME IS SHOWN; there have been one or two glitches.