A81 Bearsden to Milngavie, Consultation time, Phase 1 and Phase 2!


East Dunbartonshire Council are now busy consulting on both Phase 1 (constructed) and Phase 2 (at the design stage) of the ambitious A81 Bears Way segregated route.  They have written to GoBike, and others, requesting views on 2 questions relating to Phase 1.  Their letter and the GoBike response are on our Consultations page, but we repeat the 2 questions and our response here:

“Question 1: Can you confirm your support for the principle of the Bears Way in line with your strategic priorities?

GoBike response: The principle of the Bears Way is very definitely in line with our strategic priorities. One of our prime aims is to campaign for a cycling network designed and constructed to current best practices. The Bears Way contributes significantly to this. It is in general, well-designed, and it encourages people of all ages and abilities to cycle. It is on a major commuting route and thus of valuable use to people who are travelling to work and college, as well as being of use for tourists and general trips to the shops etc.

Question 2: Has the Bears Way had any positive or negative impacts on your operations?

GoBike response: The Bears Way has had notable positive benefits for us. Our members and supporters are now able to cycle this short length in far greater safety than before, when they had to dodge around parked cars and moving motor traffic. It has encouraged people to get back on bikes that they hadn’t used for years and it has encouraged adults to take children out cycling. The only negative aspects for us are the short length of the route and the connectivity at the ends; we look forward to the route continuing as primarily a segregated route both to the north and the south.”

Phase 2, proposed to run from Hillfoot to Kessington (ie towards the Glasgow boundary) is now out for consultation, full details are given on the East Dunbartonshire Council website:


Already, the proposals have been whittled down to 3 options, as here:

Design Options

Three options have been shortlisted for Bears Way Phase 2 and will be consulted on

Two GoBike members will be meeting East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) staff on Tuesday 23 August and will attend a Consultation Event (invite only) in Milngavie on Thursday 25 August.

Public consultation is now open.  Details are given on the EDC website: https://www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk/bearsway  and EDC have taken out advertising features in the press.  THEY WANT YOUR COMMENTS, so please respond.  Also, please get your comments back to GoBike so that we can put forward your views this week and during the ongoing process.