** UPDATE – FUNDING IS AVAILABLE! ** Councillor Tour – Newlands/Auldburn Ward

Ballie Kyle Thornton at the Auldhouse Roundabout (about to take his life in his hands to cross the Pollokshaws Rd dual carriageway)

** UPDATE **

Since we last reported on this councillor tour, we have been contacted by a wonderfully proactive staff member at Sustrans who has highlighted that funding is in fact available, specifically for junction and roundabout improvements, such as at the key accident hotspot of the Auldhouse Roundabout. We have passed this information back to Bailie Kyle Thornton and would encourage you to also highlight this information to your local councillors.

The details are as follows:

Through the Community Links programme, Sustrans Scotland can offer funding specifically for junction and roundabout improvements. We can offer 100% funding for design (pre-construction) stage, followed by 70% funding for the construction stage. This means applicants only need to find 30% of construction costs. There is no limit on the amount of funding applicants can apply for and we encourage applicants to be ambitious.

Let’s hope we can build on this pot and have our councillors take action with it!


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GoBike Live on Scotland Tonight

Did you catch us on Scotland Tonight a few weeks ago? We were asked to go live on STV to represent people cycling in a discussion about Sir Chris Hoy’s call to end the ‘Us and Them’ rhetoric sadly all too common on the roads (and in the media). Perhaps predictably, the discussion somewhat ignored this call and the questioning tried to lead the debate towards well… us and them talk about “bugbears” on the roads. We tried to steer that line towards more productive debate about the need for safe spaces for cycling…  Continue reading “GoBike Live on Scotland Tonight”

Evidence Doth Maketh the Facts

You may have noticed recently that the GoBike website has had a swanky new make over – and very pleased we are with it too. Thank you loads to our hard working web group volunteers for helping out with it.

One new resource we’ve added on there is an Evidence section packed full of publications, statistics, fact and figures for the most discerning of debaters and anecdotal myth naysayers. Continue reading “Evidence Doth Maketh the Facts”

Seville – Network Network Network!

GoBike co-convenor Iona has recently returned from a beautiful trip to sunny Seville – a city that has been crowned by some, as the fourth most bicycle friendly city in the world. And what she found was a cycle network, a not always perfect network, but a fully linked up, joined up and functional… network.

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If We Could All Change One Thing

Two weeks ago at Pedal on Parliament  in Edinburgh, cycle campaigner extraordinaire Sally Hinchcliffe shouted from the grassy knoll in front of the parliament building with a challenge for us all. Find one thing she said, one thing that makes it harder to cycle, something that you’d like to change in your local streets. And fight for it. See if you can change that one thing. And if we can all do that, she said, we can all make a big difference together.

That’s what we at GoBike aspire to. We are a collective of hundreds of members who all want to do something to change things for the better. Here is one of our members Steph, on what brought her to trying to make a difference. Continue reading “If We Could All Change One Thing”

Road Design Challenges for People on Bikes (3) – Non-Segregated Cycle Lanes

Non-segregated cycle lanes.

As the Strathclyde Cycle Campaign, GoBike has long been frustrated by substandard provision for active travel across our region. Despite campaigning for years against certain designs, we are continuing to see them used across road improvements and in newly funded projects

In the third of three blogs, our co-convenor Dave looks at non-segregated cycle lanes on the carriageway, and the dangers they create for people on bikes of all ages and abilities. Continue reading “Road Design Challenges for People on Bikes (3) – Non-Segregated Cycle Lanes”

#iloh the Good

As cycle campaigners, it is often the bad and dangerous, or more often than not, the lack of cycling infrastructure that we shout about.  However, there is also some infrastructure around that we actually really do like, and would love to see more of.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain updated their Insert Loved One Here image creator, to enable people to show their love for genuinely good cycling infrastructure. Here in Glasgow, we decided to take make this physical, and had some stencils created with a love heart and the #iloh hashtag. An intrepid group of GoBike volunteers took to the rather chilly streets on the evening of the 13th of February, so that Glasgow could wake up the next morning to find a little bit of cycling infrastructure love. Here, we show you the bits we chose and why. Continue reading “#iloh the Good”