The Power of the Press and the Right of Reply


Some of you may have seen the article by Rab McNeil in the Herald on Sunday last week, 28th October, entitled “On Cults in Lycra”? Get it??

The author talked about the “Satanic practice” of cycling “derided by most decent ratepayers”, that is “the province of macho, self-righteous, aggressive psychopaths …… who dress hideously in Lycra like Dafydd, the only other Cyclist in the Village, and bully other road users.”

According to Rab, in Scotland, “cyclists are allowed to run riot on our roads, never signalling, rarely obeying traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, and often exceeding 20mph speed limits in towns …”


I hope you get his drift and it infuriated GoBike member, Bob Downie, and it stunned Tricia Fort, the author of this short post. Strangely, Rab’s article is not available on line, but today the Herald on Sunday has published 4 letters of response to the article and you can see them here

So please, if YOU see anything you don’t like in the press, do write in. The more of us who do so, the more chance there is of the cycling view being printed.