Clyde Cycle Tunnels – to be resurfaced!

New sign Northbound tunnel

Glasgow City Council and the Clyde Tunnel are aware that there have been a couple of accidents in the cycle tunnels, which are now being used much more with the transfer of staff, and patient services, to the new Southern General.  They are currently investigating a surfacing material, which will improve skid resistance and which can be laid in the relatively confined space of the tunnel without too much disruption, to improve the cycling experience.

An enquiry to GCC today revealed the information that the 5mph signs, installed yesterday, 13 July, are there as a precautionary measure, to warn people to take care, particularly if they are not used to the steep inclines and bends in the tunnels.

Tunnel 1

Also, we are informed that new signage is being arranged – not before time, we hear you say, to indicate where the tunnels are!

Obviously, this situation is far from good, the lack of good cycle routes to the hospitals as well as all the disruption caused by the Fastlink bus route is making the journey to the hospital a trial for staff and patients alike – if the Queen had gone by bike when she opened the hospital, the tunnels would have already been painted and resurfaced!

If we find out when the surfacing, or the signage is to be done, we’ll let you know.