Clyde Tunnel, Fastlink, new Hospital – the news from Glasgow City Council is not good

Fastlink dream

The latest on the tunnel/Fastlink/new Hospital is just as useful as this picture of a proposed Fastlink bus.  We are indebted to Bailie Fariha Thomas, one of the Govan Councillors, for meeting 3 of us from GoBike on 17 September and for writing to Land & Environmental Services (LES) at Glasgow City Council further to the meeting.  The reply she received is disappointing; here are 2 examples of her questions and the replies from LES:

  1. Go Bike believe there is to be a new pedestrian/cycle crossing across Moss Road from Peninver Drive to the hospital which will help keep people off Govan Road if appropriately signposted – can this be confirmed, with timescales?

Glasgow City Council prepared a package of measures to improve the connections for walking and cycling in relation to the Fastlink project and presented this to SPT for spend approval (SPT are the funding administrators for the project).  This included the improvement to the crossing facility at Peninver Drive.  To date SPT have not approved the funding to allow these works to commence.  The Council is, therefore, currently investigating alternative funding streams with a view to implementing this improvement by April 2016.

  1. Southbound tunnel – cyclists coming out of tunnel have real difficulties in getting across Govan Road – and will not go East to roundabout if that is what is expected.  The railings along the road seem to block what would have been seen as logical access and egress points so maybe some collaborative discussion could take place to examine this?

The railings are provided to ensure a safety barrier.  As vehicles are exiting from the tunnel into flowing traffic, to remove the barrier so close to the junction and allow cyclists to cross would create risk and conflict between parties and could lead to accidents.  As such, cyclists are directed to use the provided crossing points.

Here is the Q&A about cycle use of Fastlink:

  1. Can you update me on what parts of Fastlink route will be open for cyclists, and how, and when, that information will be conveyed?

Cyclists will be permitted to use the segregated Fastlink lanes while crossing the Clyde Arc Bridge.  They will also be permitted within all kerbside with-flow bus lanes along the length of the route.  This information will be available on the signage at each individual section.

The full text of the e-mail exchange from GoBike to Bailie Thomas to LES and the return may be seen here: Tunnel SGUH councillor emails

To be continued ……