Clyde Tunnel, southbound exit – how to get out!

Sbound tunnel exit 01 Sep 15

We had a query on on Facebook to ask what is happening at the southbound exit of the Clyde Tunnel.  As of yesterday, 01 September, when these photos were taken, the southbound car exit to Govan Road had been closed to allow Govan Road to be resurfaced and kerbed under a one-way traffic system.

Sbound tunnel exit 02 Sep 15

There are, or were, two routes out of the cycle tunnel: the first is as shown above, using the pedestrian/footway gap in the concrete wall separating the road tunnel exit from the cycle and pedestrian and then going along the footway, bumping down into the road and over to the westbound carriageway at the gap in the new central reservation, where the photo shows a cluster of cones level with the front of the bus.  This approximates to the route most cyclists have taken when exiting the tunnel to go west.

Sbound tunnel exit 03 Sep 15

The second option is to continue on the cycle path up to Cressy Street, as shown on this third photo, to get onto Govan Road going east or to use the gap in the central reservation opposite Cressy Street to get onto the westbound carriageway.

The final solution?  When we had the meeting with Andrew Brown and Steve Gray from Glasgow City Council on 10 August, their proposal, as reported in the post of 14 August, was for cyclists to cross Cressy Street, continue on a narrow, shared footway and then use 2 push-button toucan crossings to get to the opposite, ie westbound footway.  We told them at the meeting that this was impractical and since then they have gained agreement that cyclists will be able to use the Fastlink bus lanes in this area.  We await further details.