Cycle Lane Segregation: trial on Aikenhead Road by Glasgow City Council


Glasgow City Council have recently installed samples of cycle lane segregation along about 400m of Aikenhead Road, heading away from the city centre.  If you haven’t seen them already, do head along there and see what you think.  There is some snagging work to be done, and an information sign board is to be installed ready for the council to launch an on-line survey at the end of June or beginning of July.  The technical information in italics below is as provided by GCC.  Installation times are for the council’s contractor using these materials for the first time, but even so, costs and installation times are much lower and quicker than the concrete kerb-separated routes elsewhere in the city.  Once you’ve seen them, and the on-line survey has been launched, remember to submit your views!


Travelling along the route, the first segregation is the bollards section shown above.  This comprises 15No. NAL X-LAST Nuvo 150 Passively safe highly resistant and very flexible Black Bollards 920mm high with two reflective red and white bands with sign face (955)  both sides in Nal sockets placed in 300mm x 450mm x 350mm concrete foundation at 3.5m c/c. Bollard and Nal socket Cost & Installation for this short trial under £550.00 per unit. 3 Days to install. 1st day excavate. 2nd day place Nal and concrete. 3rd install bollard into socket.  It’s very likely that these bollards will only be used at the start, or at a road junction break, of a segregation scheme rather than continuously as here.


The second section comprises, made from 100% recycled tyre rubber, 30No. Rosehill Highways Cycle Lane defenders black 2.0m x 0.21m connected together complete with white strip and drainage slots and 2No. end units 2.0m x 0.21m with cat eyes. Cost & Installation for this short  trial under £200.00 per unit. Approx 3.5 hours to install 30.  Initially these did not have a reflective strip on the outer edge and there is evidence of motor vehicles going over them.  This will be rectified and you will see that a rumble strip and reflectors have been installed.


The third section comprises, made from 100% recycled PVC, 30No. Cyclehoop Zicla Armadillos Cycle Lane Separators black and white. Robust traffic separator for cycle lanes, no sharp edges and with reflective strips for visibility. Installed in parallel or obliquely to the axis of the track. 4No. Bolt downs with no excavation.Dimensions 820mm long x 210mm wide x 130mm high @ 3m c/c. Weight 9kg. Cost & Installation for this short trial under £150.00 per unit. Approx 3.5 hours to install 30.


The fourth section is of, made of recycled material, 30No. Rediweld Clyce Lane Protector Orca black and white tip toe. Half Battered Kerb face on the vehicle side to deter drivers and a Cycle friendly concave face on the cycle side to protect cyclists. 4No. Bolt downs with no excavation. Dimensions 920mm long x 200mm wide x 100mm high @ 2m c/c. Weight 6.5kg . Cost & Installation for this short trial under £150.00 per unit. Approx 3.5 hours to install 30.

Along the route are 3No. Rediweld bolted down Satellite Island complete with anchors. Dimensions 1000mm long x 600mm wide x 128mm  high complete with 2No. reflective rebound bollards. Cost & Installation for this short trial under £650.00 per unit. Approx 1 Hour per installation of unit.


Also along the route is a 150mm wide white lining rumble strip with red and white reflective studs at 2 metres centre to centre. Cost & Installation approx £10.00 per metre. Approx 1.5 hours to install 100 metres.


The trial section ends with a traditional lane, heading towards Hampden.