Cycle Rickshaws Under Threat In Glasgow


Are you aware that the use of cycle rickshaws on the streets of Glasgow and to carry spectators to and from Commonwealth Games venues is under serious threat? They are used extensively in other cities, including Edinburgh, so why not in Glasgow?

At the moment Glasgow City Council is applying taxi testing structures to pedicabs and refusing licenses due to alleged safety concerns. This is despite the fact that for over 4 years rickshaws have been licensed and in service in the city without issue. Apparently the Council has now turned its back on rickshaws for reasons best known to themselves.

9 licence applications have currently been refused and, as a test case, one owner has appealed this refusal, with a court case due to be heard at Glasgow Sheriff court on Monday 06 January. The City Council has now instructed Counsel, ie employed an Advocate, at not inconsiderable expense to council tax payers, to speak in court. To have any chance of success, the appellant now has to do the same, at his own expense.

Owen O’Neill of Evolution Rickshaws has tirelessly campaigned to get rickshaws into use in Glasgow and now your support is needed. The Commonwealth Games, lauded as a “green” games will be in the city next year, but there will be no green public transport to the venues if the case on 06 January fails.

The City Council’s Licensing Regulatory Committee oversees all taxi and rickshaw licences. Please e-mail the Convenor of the Committee, Councillor Chris Kelly, to let him know what a disaster it will be for the green image of Glasgow, and Scotland, if these licences are not granted.

Also, if you live within the city, please e-mail your councillors to voice your concern and ask them to speak out so that we can have cycle rickshaws on our city streets. You can find details of the 3 or 4 councillors for the ward in which you live at: