Cycling in Glasgow’s Parks? No speed limit but do take care.


If you are cycling on the paths through Glasgow Parks, there is no speed limit, ie NO 5mph limit as once discussed, but there is need to be considerate of others.  We queried the existence of a speed limit on Friday 26 August with Councillor Martin McElroy, the city’s Cycling Commissioner and he forwarded this reply today, 31 August:

Subject: LESMLU 317391 = FW: Cycling in Glasgow Parks. Is there a speed limit?

Dear Councillor McElroy

I refer to your undernoted enquiry and I can advise that there is no speed limit within Parks.  
Cyclists must maintain reasonable control of the cycle and be considerate of other park users, 
especially taking into account that park users may not see or hear cyclists and may not be 
able to move quickly out of the way.  The Parks Management Rules signage is positioned at 
most of the entrances to the Park where Park users are encouraged to behave in a manner 
that does not impact on the enjoyment of parks for others and pay attention to advisory signs 
and notices.
I trust this information is of assistance, if you require any further information, please do not 
hesitate to contact my office.


Stephen Egan 
Parks Operations Manager 
Land and Environmental Service