Dowanhill and Byres Road, parking increase, one-way streets and contraflow cycling


Glasgow City Council propose to increase parking in the Dowanhill and Byres Road area, introduce one-way streets to accommodate this and allow contraflow cycling.  Contraflow cycling is something Go Bike aspires to for one-way streets but GCC’s order and their drawing give no indication of signage, allow parking on both sides of streets, allow parking far too close to junctions and give no indication as to whether this is a localised policy or one that will be extended to cover the whole city.

Go Bike has thus submitted an objection to the proposals, which may be found here

If you live in the area, cycle through it or have concerns about these proposals we urge you to comment to the City Council.  The closing date is Friday 26 September and, if you wish to object, please state clearly that your submission is an objection.  You are welcome to use the Go Bike letter as a guide.