FW: Mail ID 274126_GCC – Anderston to Finnieston Cycle Route Enhancements


Glasgow City Council’s reply to our objection to their proposals: motor traffic reigns supreme!


Dear Ms Fort

I refer to your letter dated 17th November 2014 regarding the Anderston to Finnieston cycle route enhancements which are currently being implemented and are scheduled to be completed in March/April 2015.

I thank you for your comments on the proposals, which will be considered as the project progresses and would respond to each point as follows:

Section 1: Work has commenced on the first section of the path between Little Street and Port Street, which is now resurfaced and only minor snagging works still to be undertaken.  The second section, which will extend to Finnieston Street and include some localised widening works will commence in the New Year.

Section 2: The existing pedestrian crossings across the Expressway on and off ramps will be upgraded to Toucan crossings, improving the facilities for Cyclists travelling north / south.  In addition a new Toucan crossing is being provided across Finnieston Street allowing access to the Exhibition Centre via a remote path and the enclosed access bridge.  This new crossing will utilise an enlarged island whilst maintaining a staggered crossing to ensure it conforms to current design standards.

Section 3: It is appreciated that the gyratory is not ideal for cyclists. However, any major changes to the wider carriageway layout which might facilitate a more wholesale enhancement are not financially deliverable at this time. Observation suggests that southbound cyclists use the carriageway – this is unlikely to change. The re-determination of the east footway will allow northbound cyclists following the existing bus lane to bypass the gyratory, legitimising present practice in an informal manor. A contra-flow lane was considered but could not be accommodated without significant impact on traffic accessing the SECC complex. The alternative option to follow the east footway will accommodate the less experienced cyclist. Obstructions created by street furniture are noted but are, by and large, not able to be improved at reasonable cost.

Section 4:  Widening of the path at the Garden Inn was considered but unfortunately the detrimental impact on general traffic movements into the SECC ruled out this option. Whilst wider proposals for this section are still in development and landownership is being investigated to establish what is available to ensure cyclists have a safe and desirable route, the advertising sign will be relocated to a wider section of path where it will not cause significant disruption.

I trust the above is of assistance, however, should you have any further queries, please contact Ciaran Buchanan on 0141 287 9443.

Andrew Brown

Projects Manager

Land and Environmental Services

(MLU ID 274126)