Glasgow Bus Lanes all go part-time?: Please object now.


Late last month Glasgow City Council published a Traffic Regulation Order proposing that all bus lanes in the city will operate from only 7am to 7pm.  While this is an increase for some, for others it is a reduction from 24 hour operation.

Why is this important for those of us who cycle?  Because Glasgow City Council have the audacity to include not only bus lanes but bus corridors (ie the main routes travelled by buses) in the 310km they claim in their Strategic Plan for Cycling to be part of the “Cycle Network”!  See Glasgow Cycleman’s blog, for an excellent commentary on this.

We have thus objected to the proposal, see: GoBike Glasgow Bus Lanes Objection 16Dec16 and as a minimum we consider that all bus lanes should operate for 24 hours each day and the City Council should be realistic in how it measures cycle routes in the city.  Our response to the review of the operation of bus/cycle/taxi lanes carried out in 2014 is here: Go Bike GCC Bus,Cycle.Taxi Lane Review 191114

Sorry this is short notice but please use the information given to put in an objection – comments close on Thursday 22 December.  Please write in if you live in Glasgow and if you cycle into Glasgow on one of the  routes affected.  Thank you.