Glasgow City Region City Deal – let’s get active travel in there


Below is the text about City Deal proposals in the Renfrew/Paisley/Yoker areas that might encourage you to attend the public meetings AND to make constructive proposals to advance
cycling and walking. The cycling infrastructure on the north bank of the Clyde will not be
hugely affected, but, there is a downstream river crossing, which makes accessing
paths on both sides much easier.
On the Paisley/Renfrew side, there will be substantial road improvements which
will potentially benefit cyclists and walkers and, if it creates more jobs, then there is scope for
walking, cycling and bussing across the river from the Glasgow side. Clydebank
and Yoker both suffer from high unemployment and this could be a wee stimulus
for the people in these areas.
There will be potential traffic congestion issues in Yoker.
In addition to the Bridge and roads leading to the Airport, an aspect of the plan is
about creating much better public access to the White Cart – for a couple of
hundred years the river has been almost completely barred to the people of both
towns. This should lead to improvements in the ambience of both towns and create
Something of a public realm/greenspace.
Your opportunity to input again on major infrastructure projects.Following the initial round of consultation with local communities which we undertook in May and June of this year, local people and businesses are being invited to further engagement events for two of our City Deal projects in early December 2016. Visit our website for more details of these events.
The two projects which will be the primary focus of those events are:The Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside (CWRR): a new ‘opening’ bridge across the Clyde linking the communities of Renfrew, Yoker and Clydebank. Proposals also include new roads and cycle routes.

The Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA): new infrastructure including the realignment of Abbotsinch Road, a new bridge across the White Cart, and new and improved cycle routes aimed at improving connections between the Westway, Inchinnan and Airport Business Parks.

You can meet the team, see the plans and discuss how these projects will develop in your area at the following events;

Mon 5 December 11am to 7pm – Yoker Community Campus

Tue 6 December 11am to 7pm – Paisley Town Hall

Wed 7 December 11am to 7pm – Renfrew Town Hall

Thu 8 December 11am to 7pm – Clydebank Town Hall