Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling


The City Council have already uploaded the consultation version of the Strategic Plan for Cycling to the website:\consultations  and there’s a poster giving times for consultation events during Bike Week: Cycling 2015-2025 Consutation Ad F_AW-1 and here’s the text of the e-mail they have sent out:



Glasgow City Council is in the process of developing its Strategic Plan for Cycling 2015 -2025. Initial consultation with key stakeholders has taken place and a draft plan has now been developed.

In order to assist in finalising the plan, a wider consultation exercise is now underway and feedback will be accepted until 4 September 2015.

A copy of the draft Strategic Plan for Cycling 2015-2025 is now available to view on our website at:\consultations

The above site contains a feedback form which can be used to submit any comments on the draft strategy.

The Strategic Plan will also be promoted at a number of Bike Week events (13 – 21 June) where staff will be available to answer questions:

  • Monday 15 June (9am until 2:30pm)

Buchanan Street, near St Vincent Street, Glasgow

  • Tuesday 16 June (9am until 2:30pm)

Buchanan Street, near St Vincent Street, Glasgow

  • Wednesday 17 June (7:30am until 2:30pm)

Glasgow Green, near Saltmarket, Glasgow

  •        Thursday 18 June (7pm until 8pm)

Bike Station, cycle cinema, Haugh Rd, Glasgow

  • Sunday 21 June (10am until 4pm)

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

If you require any further information regarding the consultation process, please contact my assistant Allan Maclean on 0141 287 9038.

Andrew Brown

Projects Manager

Land and Environmental Services

Glasgow – UK Council of the Year 2015″

Read it, think about it, submit your views and circulate comments if you wish.  The GoBike Policy Group will be drawing up the GoBike submission over the summer and we’ll get that out on the website.