Hustings, 19 April, Labour Candidate, Martin McElroy, Glasgow

Picture taken from the Glasgow City Council website

We have a change from our initial line-up for the hustings.  Alan Moir from East Dunbartonshire has sent his apologies and Scottish Labour proposed that Martin McElroy take his place.

Martin McElroy is an existing Labour councillor on Glasgow City council and is standing for election on 04 May 2017.  Here is the text that he sent us:

“I was first elected in 2012 to represent the Hillhead area of Glasgow. In 2015 I was appointed the city’s Cycling Commissioner and have been involved in the development and implementation of the council’s cycling strategy.

I am passionate about making Glasgow one of the best cycling cities in Europe and if re-elected will continue to support the progress we have made in both education and infrastructure.”

Tomorrow, links to the election manifestos for the 5 parties.